Chapter 287: New Year’s Gala (1)

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An Xiaxia eyed him in frustration. “You knew all along, didn’t you?”

With his intelligence, how was it possible that he couldn’t tell a love bite from a scratch?

Sheng Yize’s handsome face was gloating. “So what if I did?”

Hmph, this little fool. Would she be swindled again if he didn’t mark his territory quickly enough?

An Xiaxia was fuming. “You asshole!”

Sheng Yize smiled wickedly, but his smile had never looked this bright. He beckoned at her with a finger. “Bite me.”

After that, he quickly climbed the stairs with his long legs. Waving her fists, An Xiaxia chased after him on her short legs.

Aaah! Sheng Yize was actually capable of being this childish! She swore it was giving her a heart attack!

One ran and the other chased. The two were locked in a lively struggle.

There was a moment when An Xiaxia was reminded by Sheng Yize’s smile that men were probably always kids.

She wouldn’t mind seeing Sheng Yize like this more often…

It made him so real. He was no longer the distant Polaris, but a real person by her side. One that would get jealous, would throw a childish tantrum, and would say “bite me” in that roguish tone.

As she continued chasing him, she couldn’t help but smile herself.

The New Year’s Gala arrived as scheduled.

The students sat in order according to their classes in the auditorium. An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo had bought a bunch of snacks from the convenience store and planned to enjoy them during the show.

Beside them, Kang Jian looked as if a mushroom of grievance was growing out of his head as he gave off a distinctively bitter air.

“I thought my performance was perfect… Like, perfect, you know? Sigh … It’s just so sad. Tears-running-down-my-cheek kind of sad…” he mumbled incoherently, which annoyed An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo greatly.

“Such a goof.” The two girls reached a tacit agreement.

Bright lights lit up the stage and the auditorium fell silent. Four hosts and hostesses in evening gowns came onto the stage, attracting everyone’s attention.

There was silence for a moment and the audience stirred.

“Wow, which class is that girl with a white dress from? She’s such a goddess!”

“That’s right. She’s gorgeous! Oh my, she can totally have my heart!”

“Although I’m a fan of Goddess Fanxing… I think that girl is more suitable for the title ‘Campus Goddess’!”


Everyone was talking about the girl in the white dress!

Over here in Class C, the students were all dumbfounded.

An Xiaxia held Su Xiaomo by her hand and their baffled faces looked almost identical.

“Isn’t that… Mu Li?”

“Yeah… No wonder she’s always been off somewhere these days. So, she was rehearsing for hosting the gala…”

On the stage, Mu Li was no longer that invisible bookworm. Her hair was tied back, revealing that exquisite chin. The oversized black-rimmed glasses had been taken off and her big eyes shone beautifully. She wore minimal makeup and together with the white dress, she looked as fresh as a lily of the water.

“There is a beauty in the northern lands. Unequaled, high above the world she stands. At her first glance, soldiers would lose their town. At her second, a monarch would lose his crown… Coming up is the opening score presented by the dance society: Wrecking Beauty.” Mu Li’s clear and melodious voice resonated in the auditorium, enthralling everyone.

Despite her shy look, she was as dazzling as a pearl with the dust just rinsed off!