Chapter 288: New Year’s Gala (2)

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Xiao Yan, who was a fellow host on stage, couldn’t help but sigh with amazement as well.

When Mu Li had come to him earlier to volunteer as a hostess for the gala, he had been a little dubious. However, he had given Mu Li the chance nonetheless, asking her to give a speech in front of the entire student council.

He had thought the experience would make Mu Li realize the overwhelming odds against her, but Mu Li carried out her speech skillfully with rich feeling, which had astonished every member of the student council. It had also caused him to make up his mind there and then to make her the hostess of the gala!

However… He was intrigued. Why would such a charming and attractive girl hide behind such an ordinary guise on a daily basis?

And what had given her the courage to ignore the slander and abandon her past, to stand here like a phoenix reborn from flames?

The opening score was a classic folk dance. However, not many people paid much attention to it. Instead, they were all talking about the hostess just then.

“Gosh… Mu Li was spectacular…” Su Xiaomo hadn’t recovered from the shock.

Kang Jian opened his eyes wide. “Yeah, she’s so pretty…”

Immediately after that, An Xiaxia heard him swallow.

Ugh… That goofy Worthless Kang, did he even know who he was drooling over?!

After some thought, she took out her phone and sent Mu Li a message.

“Go, girl!”

Mu Li replied with a big smiley face.

The show went on, but everyone was only following half-heartedly. It was only when Mu Li came onto the stage again to announce the upcoming performance that the audience erupted. “Next is Starry Night. They will sing to us ‘Endless Starry Night.’ Let’s give them a warm welcome~”

A round of enthusiastic applause rang out right away, accompanied by the shrieks of a lot of girls.

Sheng Yize, He Jiayu, and Chi Yuanfeng walked out together, with Sheng Yize standing at the front as he sang into a fixed microphone. Behind him, He Jiayu played the guitar and sang the chorus. Chi Yuanfeng was the drummer and the rapper.

Their performance was received with unparalleled enthusiasm and the clapping seemed to go on forever. Infected by the mood, An Xiaxia shrieked along when no one was watching. “Go, Lord Vocal! Luv ya, Lord Vocal!”

Su Xiaomo rolled her eyes right away. “Shut up! Watch out for the single person here!”

“Say you love me!”

“No, I don’t!”


The three bowed and went down from the stage after the performance and Xiao Yan came up, which baffled all the students.

What? Starry Night wasn’t the last performer?

They were indeed not. Xiao Yan recited his lines. “We’re lucky enough to have the lead actor of the hit TV show ‘The Tale of the Banished Immortal,’ Mr. Rong Che, here to attend our gala. Up next is ‘Immortal Bright Moon’ by Rong Che and Li Fanxing of Qixia High School.”

Before he could finish his lines, the audience erupted again.

Gosh! Rong Che was actually here! Had the entire cast of “Banished Immortal” gathered in Qixia High? No wonder there were reporters here today!

The curtain slowly opened and Rong Che came out arm in arm with Li Fanxing.

The song was from “Banished Immortal” and had been a pretty popular tune lately. The gala culminated in this affectionate duet!

For a moment, everyone was taking photos and recording with their phones. However, An Xiaxia was having mixed feelings.

Was it because she was content with Sheng Yize now that she was his girlfriend? With the hostility between Sheng Yize and Rong Che, plus what she had overheard in the hospital that time, she really didn’t have a good impression of Rong Che at all!

Wait… Bah! No! It wasn’t like she was married to Sheng Yize! Why was she all on his side already? Hm… But, why shouldn’t she be content with Sheng Yize? He was the best!


What she failed to notice was that Rong Che was beginning to give her knowing looks from up on stage…