Chapter 289: Your Future or An Xiaxia (1)

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When the atmosphere was at its peak, someone suddenly patted An Xiaxia on her shoulder. “Hey, Xiaxia!”

Turning around, she saw Chi Yuanfeng beaming at her, revealing eight shiny white teeth.

An Xiaxia was surprised. “Why are you here?”

He chuckled and she saw the mild He Jiayu behind him. “It’s so boring backstage and I thought I’d watch the show here with Brother Jiayu.”

“Then… What about Sheng Yize?” An Xiaxia tilted her head and asked expectantly.

Chi Yuanfeng smacked his lips and smiled knowingly. “He’s doing an interview with a reporter and it may take a while…”

“I see…”

“Now, make some room for me. There, let me squeeze in.” At Chi Yuanfeng’s request, a few students soon moved to either side, making room for the two.

Chi Yuanfeng sat down beside An Xiaxia first and He Jiayu sat down next to Su Xiaomo.

Su Xiaomo blushed right away. She sat there ramrod straight, looking like a primary school student listening attentively to her teacher.

Seeing how awkward she looked, He Jiayu was a little amused.

He pursed his lips and passed her a bottle of water. “Water?”

Su Xiaomo blinked and misunderstood him right away, thinking he must be thirsty after all that singing.

And he had asked her if she wanted the water. Was it because he was too tired to open the bottle and was tactfully asking her to unscrew it for him?

Su Xiaomo reasoned with her remarkable logic, grabbed the bottle from He Jiayu’s hand, and twisted the cap.

Clack — she opened the bottle easily. She then presented it to He Jiayu as if she was worshipping a god.

“Have… have some water… It’s good for your throat,” she stammered.

The smile seemed to have frozen on He Jiayu’s face as he stared at Su Xiaomo in disbelief.

What kind of girl was she…

Wasn’t she supposed to say weakly “I can’t open it,” then have him open the bottle for her?

How come she had opened the bottle for him instead?

An Xiaxia was watching their interaction with high expectations. However, the muscle in her cheek began to twitch violently when she saw what Su Xiaomo had done.


So awkward.

Super awkward.

Where exactly had things gone wrong…


Sheng Yize finished the brief interview, nodded politely at the reporter, and was about to get off the stage to find An Xiaxia.

After a casual glance at the stage, he couldn’t help but knit his pretty eyebrows.

Everything looked so normal and Rong Che and Li Fanxing made a sweet couple.

However… something was off…

What was it, then?

Overhead, a few drones were buzzing in mid-air, which had small cameras to record the performance.

In a split second, Sheng Yize finally realized what was wrong!

It was the hand! Rong Che’s hand!

Just then, Rong Che took out a black object and held it behind his back. He pressed some button and the drones gathered together, suspended over a certain spot.

They were right above An Xiaxia’s head!

Sheng Yize’s pupils contracted as he fixed his infuriated gaze on Rong Che!

Rong Che was still singing affectionately. He even turned his handsome face a little and flashed a gloating smile in Sheng Yize’s direction.

Sheng Yize clenched his fists.

One drone wasn’t a problem, but how about all five of them? There was a chance that she could dodge all of them, but what if she couldn’t?

Rong Che was waiting and had made a bet with himself: which would Sheng Yize choose — his future or An Xiaxia?