Chapter 29: Deskmates? It Must Be Fate (1)

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The girl An Xiaxia saw was none other than Su Xiaomo herself, her BFF growing up.

Three months ago, An Xiaxia, Su Xiaomo, and Kang Jian had all enrolled at Qixia High.

All three of them were admitted under special criteria: they were special admissions students.

An Xiaxia specialized in music and Kang Jian in athletics, while Su Xiaomo was known as a child genius painter. She was actually very famous for her “violence” as well and went by the nickname “Big Sister Su.”

During the summer vacation, Su Xiaomo had actually gone to Country F to advance her painting and couldn’t make it back in time for last week’s school opening ceremony.

The two chatted for a while when An Xiaxia’s cell phone began to vibrate. Kang Jian’s roaring voice came from the other end at full power. “You two heartless women! How could you abandon me like this?! After catching the thief, I still need to catch the bus!”

An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo laughed until their stomachs hurt. An Xiaxia spoke into her phone, “Worthless Kang, take your time catching the bus~ We’ll be heading off first, bye bye.”

Kang Jian was painstakingly chasing the bus and one could almost imagine the tears streaming down his cheeks.

Year 1, Class C.

The seat beside An Xiaxia was empty and Su Xiaomo took it without thinking.

“I’ll go get your books with you,” An Xiaxia suggested.

Su Xiaomo smiled and the two headed toward the class teacher’s office, hand in hand. After collecting her books, they each carried half.

In the hallway, three tall figures gradually walked toward them, raising waves of screaming. Lots of female students were leaning against the windows and stuck their heads out to watch.

Su Xiaomo didn’t care about this and continued on her way to the classroom.

The hallway had just been mopped and was still a little wet. Su Xiaomo accidentally slipped and fell down face first.

With all the books in her arms, An Xiaxia could only cry out and didn’t have time to catch her.

At this moment, the figure closest to Su Xiaomo caught her, and even managed to catch a literature textbook that was flung into the air.

“Are you alright?” A soft but deep voice asked by her ear. Su Xiaomo froze on the spot, captivated by his unimaginably attractive face.

He had a handsome face with perfectly proportioned features. What struck her the most was his genial smile, which felt like a gentle spring breeze in April that could warm the heart.

Su Xiaomo’s heart beat frantically and it took a while before she finally came back to herself. “Uh… I’m fine. Thanks.”

He Jiayu smiled a little and help her back to her feet before putting that book onto her stack.

He then headed into the classroom. Behind him, Chi Yuanfeng smiled at Su Xiaomo before following him in.

Sheng Yize glanced at An Xiaxia, who looked away from him. Neither of the two said anything and he entered the classroom himself.

“My god, Xiaxia! I’m not blind, am I? Poke me, now! Aren’t those three the members of Starry Night?” Once the three idols left, Su Xiaomo instantly revealed her boy-crazy nature and jumped up and down in delight.

An Xiaxia nodded. “Yeah, they’re going to be studying at our school.”

Su Xiaomo laughed infatuatedly. “It’s like in the romance movies; I never imagined it would happen to me… That boy just now was simply too handsome. That’s it, I need to get him! Make him my boyfriend and bring him home! Muaa!”

An Xiaxia kept her embarrassment to herself and didn’t comment.

While Su Xiaomo made plans daily to court He Jiayu, our poor An Xiaxia caught a cold.

It was common knowledge that recovering from a cold wasn’t an easy task, and An Xiaxia had a bad one. However, to keep up with her studies, she didn’t ask for a leave of absence.

As a result, she infected everyone around her.

Su Xiaomo went down first, followed by Kang Jian. Even He Jiayu and Chi Yuanfeng, who were seated two rows away, weren’t spared.

Fans of Starry Night couldn’t stop crying and the looks they gave An Xiaxia could kill her hundreds of thousands of times over!