Chapter 290: Your Future or An Xiaxia (2)

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Rong Che was about to press the button when Sheng Yize strode out from behind the curtain like a lurking animal. He grabbed Rong Che by his collar and punched him hard in the face.

That small remote control in his hand flew out and shattered on the ground.

The audience exploded and the tumult brought the roof down —

“Shit! What was that about?”

“Oh my god, why did Captain Yize hit him?”

“Aaaah! What is going on… oh my god…”


Girls were screaming and boys were cursing. Even the teachers and officials in the audience were shocked. The security personnel then swarmed in and the entire auditorium was taken over by a state of utter chaos and panic…

On the stage, Rong Che was smiling beatifically. Despite the painful bruise on his cheek, he was having the best time of his life!

“What now… Sheng Yize, you were on camera…”

Sheng Yize’s handsome face was expressionless. Behind them, the reporter that had interviewed him earlier came back to himself. He then picked up his camera and began to press the shutter repeatedly.

That was right. He was on camera.

The renowned national idol was seen hitting another person.

Sheng Yize sneered and swung another punch at him. He was then stopped.

The last thing he saw before they took him away was the look of disbelief in An Xiaxia’s wide open eyes.

Little fool, I’m so glad you’re ok…

The An family.

An Xiaxia sat motionlessly and was fully aware that all hell had broken loose.

She was sick with anxiety and couldn’t stop darting looks upstairs.

Sis Ke’s hysterical bellow rang out in the living room upstairs. “Sheng Yize! You’re nuts! You psychotic! Why did you do this to me? You brat… I’ve been taking care of you for three years and all you’ve ever learned is to fight and make trouble…”

All the excoriation was giving An Xiaxia the jitters. However, Sheng Yize didn’t speak a word the entire time. He didn’t try to justify his action, nor did he panic.

He was so calm that it felt like someone else’s business.

On TV, online, breaking news on phone apps, social media… The news of the captain of Starry Night assaulting another person was everywhere.

And they were all presented as a scandal.

Something all celebrities feared the most.

Up on the third floor, He Jiayu couldn’t stand it anymore and tried to intervene. “Sis Ke, what happened, happened, and shouting at Yize won’t do us any good. How about we try to figure out how to solve it…”

“Solve my ass! Forget about Sheng Yize, even you two are in danger now! This could be the end of Starry Night! Haven’t you realized that?!” The whole thing was giving Sis Ke a stomachache.

An Xiaxia found her phone and called Qiao Mu.

It soon went through. Qiao Mu worked in the public relations department of Endless Night and she didn’t have to ask why An Xiaxia had called her.

Skipping the pleasantries, An Xiaxia asked directly, “Is there no way to get them out of this?”

Qiao Mu sighed. “Xiaxia… This is a big deal…”

With such an incident, the damage to his image was only the beginning. So much trouble could continue to come in, in the near future…

It was safe to say that Starry Night’s fate was hanging by a thread.

The more An Xiaxia listened, the sadder she became. She bit her lip in silence.

Before the phone call was finished, Lu Ke showed up in her furious state and began to lash out at An Xiaxia. “Aren’t you his assistant? Why didn’t you stop him?! You’re as much responsible as Yize is!”

An Xiaxia didn’t cringe, but stared right back at Lu Ke.

Lu Ke went on. “What are you gawking at me for?! Mind this: Anything happens to Starry Night, you’re not walking away from this!”

“Lu Ke, who the hell do you think you are? Shut the f**k up!”

“That’s enough! Leave her out of this!”