Chapter 291: Your Future or An Xiaxia (3)

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Two voices rang out simultaneously, both standing up for An Xiaxia.

Lu Ke was taken by surprise, not expecting to be the one getting told off.

Grinding her teeth, she said to Sheng Yize over her shoulder, “Do what you like!” She then stormed off in her high heels.

Qiao Mu cleared her throat on the other end of the line and tentatively consoled An Xiaxia. “Xiaxia, just ignore her. She’s the she-wolf of our company and she can be very harsh at times. She’s made a lot of the newbies cry…”

An Xiaxia smiled bitterly, then hung up.

Looking up, she saw Sheng Yize standing on the stairs. He seemed to heave a little sigh, then came down with his hands in his pockets. He stroked her hair. “What happened? You look awful.”

“Sheng Yize… Why did you hit him…” An Xiaxia was very confused.

She didn’t think Sheng Yize was the impulsive type. Plus, given what he could do, there were a thousand better ways to irritate Rong Che. Why did he have to act out like that?

Sheng Yize was quiet for a long while before flashing her a smile. “He was annoying, that’s all… Alright, it’s nothing for you to worry about. Go wash up and get some rest.”

He comforted An Xiaxia as if he was cajoling a child, then turned to go back upstairs. However, An Xiaxia grabbed onto the lower hem of his clothes.

Her soft voice came from behind him. “Sheng Yize… I know I’m not smart enough and there’s probably nothing I can do for you. But… I’ll be there for you! I’ll always be there! If you’re unhappy, you can tell me…”

She wanted to share Sheng Yize’s burden. She wanted to try, even if there was only so little she could do!

Those were such heartwarming words that Sheng Yize didn’t know how to reply.

He was supposed to protect An Xiaxia, but as it turned out, the little girl was the one telling him that she was going to be there for him and support him.

“Hm…” It seemed forever when he answered. An Xiaxia smiled in satisfaction and let go of him.

She went back to her room, but still felt restless. Just then, there was a knock on the door.

She trotted to the door. Opening it, she saw a teenager smiling mildly at her outside. “May I come in?”

“Mhm… Sure.”

It was He Jiayu.

He had brought An Xiaxia a glass of milk. “Have some. It’ll help you sleep.”

An Xiaxia thanked him and couldn’t help but ask, “He Jiayu, do you know what happened between Sheng Yize and Rong Che?”

He Jiayu smiled wryly. “I’m actually here to talk to you about it.”

The three of them had all been selected by Endless Night as trainees. Rong Che had earned himself some fame by then and the three of them were very polite, addressing him as “Senior” whenever they met.

Rong Che made himself known as a talent show candidate and his popularity waned after a while. However, six months after that, his new album was a hit and won him a lot of rewards. All sorts of resources came his way. He was no longer a mere singer, but had begun to participate in movies, TV dramas, and even as a host for a variety show on a certain TV channel…

Just like that, Rong Che’s name became known all over the country and he was also given the title “King of Love Songs.”

It was also during that time that scandal and rumors began to spread through Endless Night.

As it turned out, Rong Che didn’t get to where he was because of his talent… but by being a kept man.

An Xiaxia puckered up her little face. “A kept man?”

“Ahem…” He Jiayu also found the subject awkward. “Yes… And it seemed he not only had sugar mummies… but sugar daddies as well…”

Pffft —

An Xiaxia spat out her milk at those words.