Chapter 292: Brother Yize is Leaving!

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He Jiayu’s genial expression was replaced by a wry smile. “Well… That was just gossip and I probably shouldn’t have told you. Don’t take it too seriously.”

An Xiaxia nodded uneasily, trying to digest the huge amount of information she had just learned.

She had liked Rong Che for a reason.

Back in middle school, she had gone on an eating binge because of a condition and had gained quite a few pounds. She wasn’t exactly a fatso, but her face had been chubby and she looked rounder than most of the girls her age.

During that time when being thin was the only standard of beauty, An Xiaxia had been laughed at a lot. Being a sensitive adolescent and reading all those melancholy novels at the time, she spent her days propped up on her elbows and looking up at the sky, determined to look like a distressed angel. (An Xiaxia: Damn it, leave my humiliating history out of this! )

After that, the talent show Rong Che took part in became a hit and everyone in her class followed it. An Xiaxia was no exception. On the show, Rong Che was always singing warm love songs that were almost therapeutic. With his handsome face and his artsy manner, teenage girl An Xiaxia was swept off her feet in no time.

During countless quiet nights, Rong Che’s singing was the only thing that had given her hope, strength, and warmth. That was why she had liked Rong Che all these years and had even become Starry Night’s antif-fan for him.

Now that she was being told all this gossip, An Xiaxia didn’t know how to react.

He Jiayu was still going on in his gentle and mellow voice. “That year, Rong Che received a lot of awards and even attended a music festival, which was the most famous event in the music circle… His love song ‘Warm Time’ won the Golden Melody Awards that year…”

An Xiaxia knew about that as well. “Warm Time” was one of her all-time favorites. It was beautiful, classic, and she could play it over and over again for a whole day!

“Yize composed that song…” He Jiayu sighed. “That song was supposed to be the theme song for Starry Night, but Rong Che heard it by accidental and asked us to sell him the song. Of course, Yize refused. Back then, he wasn’t as short-tempered and had promised Rong Che to write him another one, which Rong Che agreed to… We then went to the studio to record our album…”

“And then?” An Xiaxia had a feeling that she was about to hear some phenomenal gossip.

“The song was never included on our album! Instead, Rong Che came out with a single, which was ‘Warm Time’!” Even He Jiayu, who always looked so placid, was observably angry now. “He even went so far as to claim that he wrote that song!”

Holy crap! What sort of person would do that?!

An Xiaxia was infuriated.

“Back then, he was the star of the company and our group was also branded differently from him. Sis Ke told us that we were only newcomers and had little say in this. Rong Che, on the other hand, was getting all the limelight. So, the whole thing just went away like that…”

“That’s outrageous! He was taking advantage of you!” And he had taken Sheng Yize’s song as his own! An Xiaxia clenched her fists indignantly.

“You know how Yize is. He couldn’t be bothered to fight Rong Che over this, but that man provoked him after the music festival… I don’t know what he said exactly, but Yize lost his temper and there was a heated argument. Someone recorded it on purpose and posted it online. And that began the whole thing of them not seeing eye to eye…”

It had never been a rumor from the beginning. It was the truth.

“Xiaxia…” Chi Yuanfeng rushed in without warning, his face panicked. “Brother Yize is leaving!”