Chapter 294: The Distance Between Love and Hate (2)

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She got out of bed, quickly washed up, and went back to her room.

Fight! An Xiaxia!

Time: 2 January.

Location: Bedroom.

Equipment: One desktop, two laptops, three cell phones, and one iPad.

One laptop was her own and the other she had taken from An Yibei. The phones were old ones that used to belong to the various family members. They didn’t have any SIM cards in them, but she could still connect to the internet via wifi.

Everything was ready. An Xiaxia began to download the simulator and register new accounts…

After that was all settled, she went to Sheng Yize’s Weibo page and scanned the comments section —

“Say no to violence! Boycott Sheng Yize!”

“Give Rong Che oppa his justice! Sheng Yize out!”

“Heh, how dare he hit our Rong Che oppa? Go to hell, Sheng Yize!”

“You’re just a piece of shit! So what if you’re a celebrity? People like you should be sent to juvie!”


The most liked comments were all insults like this, which made An Xiaxia’s stomach turn. She felt worse than if she was the one being insulted.

She set up an account first, replying each one in turn with harsh words.

“Boycott my ass! Go boycott your mother!”

“Roll up and die! We all know what justice is! Your Rong Che probably started all this and had it coming!”

“Oh my, did you just curse someone to die? A perfect example of how base a certain singer’s fans are.”

“Of course he’s awesome! Good-for-nothings like you can’t even begin to imagine how superior he is. Here’s advice for you: Get lost!”


Of course, the others soon cursed back, but some replies were on her side, and they were all fans of Sheng Yize and Starry Night.

Even the loyal fans had been dumbfounded in the beginning when the whole thing broke out. They didn’t know how to defend their idol even if they wanted to.

After all, it seemed that Sheng Yize was the one at fault and they had no angle to argue from.

However, the comments gradually began to change —

[Watermelon Eats Summer]: Well, Sheng Yize did indeed hit Rong Che, but have you ever wondered why he did it? Do you think Boss Yize is someone who would just punch others without a reason? We’ve liked him this long, don’t we know what kind of person he is?

[Idle Onlooker]: It must have been media hype! I’m not buying it! Sheng Yize must have been set up! Do you know what a teenage idol like him has gone through? Some people out there are f**king shameless.

[Southern Tree-i]: Where do I even begin with Rong Che’s unspeakable past? That was quite a nice performance. Are we sure he was the one who got hit and not the other way round?!

[Canned Saury]: Just passing by. No matter what, I support Captain Yize!

[For Che Only]: Hmph, who cares what really happened. Rong Che oppa is so handsome and he’s such a good actor. Your idol should just disappear from showbiz! Rong Che should be the king! Starry Night is a lousy group! Their songs are lousy and they’re all lousy actors. They can’t even compare with Rong Che oppa’s pinky!

An Xiaxia commented with dozens of sockpuppets in turn. Some were there to shift the focus, some trashed Rong Che, some declared their loyalty to Sheng Yize, and some were there to attract the attention of the haters… Before long, the comments section was bustling with all kinds of voices and the general tone looked more promising for Sheng Yize.

“I’m here for Captain Yize. Up, up, up!”

“Be reasonable and don’t reply insults with insults. We must have faith in Captain Yize!”

“I smell something fishy… This thing can’t be that simple!”

“I support Captain Yize no matter what!”

Shortly afterward, two hashtags #boycott Sheng Yize# and #support Captain Yize forever# became hot topics.

An Xiaxia flexed her fingers as she smiled confidently.

Well, she was only getting started!