Chapter 295: Reversal (1)

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As a former longtime loyal fan of Rong Che, An Xiaxia had all kinds of firsthand information. While collecting photo albums and video footage of his handsome face, she had also gathered information on her idol’s ignoble past as well.

She knew everything good about him, but she knew all his shortcomings, too!

For fans, the difference between love and hate could be very subtle!

When they loved him, they would worship him as if he was god.

When that love turned into hatred, they could drag him into hell with equal zealotry!

An Xiaxia organized the information she had and set up a few accounts to post on major gossip forums with content centered around slandering Rong Che.

Just then, another video was posted on Weibo, which showed Rong Che holding a press conference —

In the video, Rong Che had wrapped an outrageous amount of gauze around his head and was looking sadly into the camera and speaking in a weak voice. “It was just an accident… I don’t believe Yize did this to me on purpose… Our relationship? Well… It’s fine. He’s a junior I admire, although he’s been holding quite the grudge against me… Oh, my injury? It’s not a big deal, just a minor concussion… I’m still under observation. I’d like to thank all my fans for their concern. What I think of Yize? Heh, we’re fine. I won’t be affected by such a trivial thing…”

A couple of minutes into the video and An Xiaxia was infuriated.

Damn you, Rong Che! How shameless can you be?!

How well he played the innocent victim! Such a white-lotus bitch! You’d think he was Mother, scratch that, Father Teresa!

That solemn air he assumed, acting as if he was recovering from a major injury and was too self-restrained to hold Sheng Yize accountable for this! It was disgusting!

She dragged the progress bar to the end of the video and heard an odd question from a reporter. “That hit song ‘Warm Time’ of yours back then, did you really write it yourself?”

Rong Che replied without flinching, “Of course, it was one of my best works. I worked painstakingly to create it.”

The reporter wouldn’t drop the subject. “But from what I heard, your major wasn’t music. When did you learn how to compose?”

Many didn’t know that Rong Che majored in acting. That was to say, he had studied how to act, but had never studied music!

It was just that the title of “King of Love Songs” was so well-known that many had mistaken him for a music student.

The smile on Rong Che’s face faded a little as he struggled to find an excuse. “Well… I guess I was a natural…”

The reporter was going to ask again when Rong Che’s agent interrupted and the press conference ended.

An Xiaxia gritted her teeth and uploaded all her posts at once.

Before long, several posts about Rong Che went viral online!

In them were all of Rong Che’s old ugly photos, ridiculous speeches, out-of-tune singing videos, clips of bad acting… All in all, the posts had turned Rong Che from an aloof and elegant prince into this blockhead who wasn’t any different from a lump of coal!

Endless Night panicked at this. The public relations department rushed to turn it around, but it was too late to do anything.

Immediately after that, some more devastating information came out —

“Rong Che has had plastic surgery.”

“Rong Che lives a promiscuous life.”

“Rong Che once said he wasn’t Chinese.”


Juicy gossip came out at such short intervals that the entire entertainment industry was shocked.

Equally shocked were many media people.

How much hatred did the other party have against Rong Che to destroy him in this way?!

An Xiaxia, who had been fighting her war for hours, rubbed her tired eyes and went on typing.

Things had already turned around in the comments section of Sheng Yize’s Weibo page, which was now occupied by his fans!

She let out a breath of relief and habitually refreshed her Weibo page. An explosive piece of news arrived at last —

“Rong Che’s plagiarism exposed! The shocking story behind the punching incident!”