Chapter 296: Reversal (2)

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An Xiaxia had never expected Rong Che’s ignoble history to be exposed so quickly!

The Weibo post had been uploaded by a famous KOL account “Mr. Gossip.” The uploader deleted it less than five minutes later.

The reactions grew even fiercer after the post was removed. Someone had copied and saved the post before it was taken down and then reposted it. The discussion then carried on.

The new post gave a detailed description of Rong Che’s major in college, as well as a comparison between “Warm Time” and “Endless Starry Night” and several other songs composed by Sheng Yize.

All composers had their own unique traits and habits, and it was obvious that “Warm Night” was a work of Sheng Yize’s!

What was more, the uploader had also obtained the chat history between Rong Che and his agent, which contained the following conversation —

“Change the composer’s name to mine and release it as a single asap.”

“Um, Che, do you think that’s the right thing to do?”

“Why not? They’re just newbies, what can they do to me?”


The entire online community erupted at this post and online opinion sided with Sheng Yize without reservation.

“My poor Captain Yize! He has really been wronged!”

“That goddamn hypocrite Rong Che! How could he make plagiarism sound so righteous? I think that punch from Captain Yize was just a slap on the wrist. Come, let’s go humiliate him on his Weibo page. Anyone with me?”

“What other inside information is there behind this punching incident? Aaah! Don’t stop in the middle of a sentence! By the way, here’s where I stand: Captain Yize is the best! I’ll love you till the end of my life!”


Meanwhile, Sheng Yize finally updated his Weibo page with a new post after staying quiet for so long.

It was an audio file, which was of the conversation between him and Rong Che that day in the hospital!

“… Do you still think you’re the captain of some popular group? I’m telling you: it’s only a matter of time before you’re shelved!

“… There’s only one thing I want to say about your injury today: you had it coming.”

Other than the audio file, Sheng Yize only posted one sentence. “Well, the contract has been terminated and I’m going home.”

He Jiayu and Chi Yuanfeng retweeted the post separately —

Chi Yuanfeng V: It’s so good to be free. Teehee~

He Jiayu V: [smile] Let’s go home together.

The comments underneath were nothing but “Welcome home!”

That moment, many eyes glistened with tears.

That was why Starry Night had been awfully quiet for the past six months. Not only did they have few public appearances, the company also hadn’t campaigned for them at all.

They had been shelved!

What was more, Rong Che had been putting pressure on them this whole time!

Instantly, countless people flexed their fingers and rushed to Rong Che’s Weibo page. His comments section was turned into a bloodbath by infuriated fans!

Meanwhile, in a luxury apartment, Rong Che smashed his tablet against the wall and bellowed, “What’s going on? How did this happen?”

He had had everything planned out and was going to annihilate Sheng Yize once and for all!

How had the guy played Lazarus on him?!

The agent said with quivering lips, “I – I have no idea… Che, what do we do now?”

“You have the nerve to ask me that?! Get out!” Rong Che roared. His agent then scrambled off, leaving him to slump back against the sofa, looking completely at a loss.

No, it wasn’t his fault. Sheng Yize was supposed to be the one to go down, but why was it happening to him now?

Endless Night.

The boss stared blankly at Weibo and couldn’t believe his eyes. Starry Night had terminated their contract!

He dialed Sheng Yize’s number right away. The call soon went through and a careless voice came from the other end. “Hello?”

“Sheng Yize! You’re out of your mind! Delete that post and I’ll pretend nothing happened. We’ll make you popular again!” the boss cleared his throat and said confidently.