Chapter 297: Reversal (3)

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He was aware that Sheng Yize had an exceptional background, but Sheng Yize had never revealed his real identity. After several futile investigations, the boss had let the issue drop.

He had singlehandedly made Starry Night what they were and the group was a profitable asset for the company. How could they terminate the contract just like that?

Sheng Yize chuckled. “Director Luo, exactly where did you get the confidence to give me that self-righteous speech?”

Director Luo lost his temper. “Do you want to play this the hard way? What are you without Endless Night? You’re nothing but three trainees… I’m the one who gave you an opportunity. Not only are you not grateful for it, you’ve now done this outrageous thing. Do you know I can shut you out of the entertainment industry for good?!”

Sheng Yize asked in an intrigued tone, “Is that so? In that case, Director Luo, what do you think I should do?”

Director Luo cleared his throat and said in the intimidating voice of someone who thought himself superior, “Give a public apology and sign a new contract with the company. I’ll take this all as a reckless action on the part of you youngsters…”

“Wait a minute.” Sheng Yize interrupted him. “Apology? To whom?”

“Do you even need to ask? To Rong Che, obviously! Do you have any idea how the company’s stock price will be affected if there’s any negative news about Rong Che…” Director Luo said indignantly. Sheng Yize chuckled again on the other end of the line, but his voice was turning colder.

There was a time when he had been dominated by his father in everything, despite being the heir of the Sheng family. That was why he had entered showbiz and tried to find that person in his own way. Back then, Endless Night had been nice to him. One could say that he owed it to them for seeing his talent.

And he had appreciated the company for it. He trained diligently and kept a low profile. Even after they gained popularity and Endless Night put them through a huge amount of public events to amass a fortune for the company, he had stayed quiet.

He had been more than tolerant with Endless Night, but the incident with “Warm Time” had disappointed him completely!

It was so apparent now that Rong Che had set him up and he was only paying back in kind. How could Director Luo even mention apologizing to Rong Che?!

“I only have one sentence for you, Director Luo.” Sheng Yize sneered. “That’s NEVER going to happen!”

He was Sheng Yize!

The captain of Starry Night!

The only heir of the Sheng family!

He was not some stray dog that would endure the humiliation and lick the palm that had slapped him!

Director Luo was taken aback. What was going on? Why wouldn’t Sheng Yize listen to him?

Something dawned on him just then and he refreshed the page showing the company’s stock price with shaky fingers.

The market hadn’t closed yet but he saw nothing but green.

That meant… Their share price today had hit a historical low…

Rong Che’s scandal had just come out and even if there was an impact, it shouldn’t be on this scale!

Could this be happening because.. Starry Night had terminated their contract?

Eyes wide open, he cried out in panic, “Sheng Yize! We can negotiate the terms… Hello?! Hello?!”

He had been about to yield to Sheng Yize, but Sheng Yize had hung up on him already.

Director Luo felt like kicking himself at that moment!

After hanging up, Sheng Yize passed the files on his table to his lawyer, gave some instructions, then called Chi Yuanfeng.

“How’s Xiaxia doing?”

Chi Yuanfeng replied with a face of woe, “She’s locked herself in her room for a day and a night now… She won’t open her door for any of us…”

Sheng Yize frowned and picked up a key from the table. “I’ll be over in a minute.”

“Hm… be careful, then. By the way, the whole thing turned around so quickly because some pretty fierce fighter has been supporting you in your Weibo’s comments section. Brother, did you hired online commenters?”