Chapter 298: Reversal (4)

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“I’m broke. Can’t afford it.” Sheng Yize wasn’t in the mood and replied indifferently.

Chi Yuanfeng burst out laughing at that. Excuse me? Did the heir of the Sheng family just say that he had no money? Are you trying to get beaten up?!

“Brother, you’re so zen now. Is Xiaxia the only person you care about in this world?”

“What’s wrong with caring about my own girlfriend?” Sheng Yize replied matter-of-factly. “Oh, I forgot. You don’t have one.”

He briskly hung up after that, leaving Chi Yuanfeng to whimper alone in the wind like a mateless puppy.

Aww… Brother Yize, it’s illegal to abuse a single person like this!

Sheng Yize drove his sports car at lightning speed and arrived at the An family home in no time.

On the second floor, the entire family had gathered outside An Xiaxia’s room, doing everything they could to get the door open —

Chi Yuanfeng cleared his throat. “Xiaxia, I’m here to inform you: you have been surrounded! Open the door now or warrior Snowy is going under your duvet!”

Snowy, who had been fed until it was quite chubby now, meowed and put on an expression as fierce as its kitten face could manage. However, it only looked too adorable to be intimidating.

Strangely, An Xiaxia, who had always been terrified of cats, didn’t react to that at all.

Papa An sighed. “Xiaxia, I’ve made you something nice. It’s sweet and sour spareribs. Do you want a bite?”

There was still no answer.

An Yibei snorted. “Just cut the crap and kick the door open!”

Everyone eyed him with reverence instantly.

“Do it. She’s probably starving in there. Has she fainted?” Papa An was very concerned.

Just then, Sheng Yize calmly moved closer, took out a key from his backpack, inserted into the keyhole, and the door opened.

No one made a sound for a moment.

An Xiaxia had only made one key to her room, claiming that she needed the privacy. Even Papa An and An Yibei couldn’t open her locked door!

Why had Sheng Yize been able to open it just now?!

“You better explain this… Why do you have a key to my sister’s room…” An Yibei said through clenched teeth. Could it be that this brat had been sneaking into his sister’s room all this time…

Instantly, Sheng Yize became this wretched and base person in his head!

Sheng Yize cleared his throat. “She left the key behind in my bag…”

An Xiaxia was indeed a forgetful person and An Yibei found that explanation acceptable. He snorted and snatched the key back. “From now on, you’re not going into my sister’s bedroom… Hey! You brat! Who told you you could go in there!”

While he roared, Sheng Yize had strode into the room. Inside, An Xiaxia was sprawled all over the bed, entangled in her duvet. He couldn’t help but shake his head and sigh.

Outside, the others saw that An Xiaxia had only fallen asleep and felt that they had overreacted. They then scattered.

Sheng Yize went to An Xiaxia’s bed, adjusted her position, and tucked her in.

There was a “ding,” which turned out to be an incoming message from Weibo.

He glanced in its direction and saw that it was coming from a phone on her bedside. He picked it up and was going to switch it to silent mode when he saw that it was on the Weibo app…

In it was every comment she had sent out through this phone.

Sheng Yize frowned and looked around, noticing all the other cell phones and tablets on the table…

He checked them in turn, and they were all sockpuppets that had logged in to fight for him!

Sheng Yize’s heart skipped a beat. Had An Xiaxia gone this far just to help him?