Chapter 299: Bite Me!

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Ever since they first met, Sheng Yize had known that An Xiaxia wasn’t the smartest girl in the room.

After he began to like her, he liked everything that came with her, even her little flaws.

All along, he thought all those traits didn’t matter. Whether she was smart or not, he was there for her. He would take care of her and dote on her, so that she could live a carefree live behind him while he shielded her from all the bad things.

But now, he suddenly didn’t think he knew An Xiaxia that well.

She could have stayed out of this and done nothing… Yet she had done all this just for him…

A warm sensation rushed through his heart and he brushed a few strands of loose hair off her face with his long fingers.

There were two dark circles under her eyes on her delicate face. Even asleep, she still looked exhausted.

Chi Yuanfeng had thought he had hired online commenters himself, or there wouldn’t have been so many IDs supporting him all this while.

It had never been some paid commenters, but a single little fool that had been taking care of him in her own way.

A low sigh rang out in the room.

An Xiaxia stirred. Her long lashes batted as she opened her big eyes bewilderedly. She then asked lazily, “Sheng Yize, is that you?”

“Yes, I’m here.”

“Are you alright? Why are you back? The reporters might follow you here… mhm…” She was so sleepy that she yawned and habitually crawled back under her duvet.

Sheng Yize tried to smile, suppressing the tumult of emotions inside him. “I’m fine… It’s all fine, Xiaxia.”

“What about the contract…” Her voice was trailing off.

“Remember the first time when I took you to the company? I was there to get the original copy of our contract. It had expired and we hadn’t renewed it, so it ended naturally…” he explained patiently. Back then, Director Luo had been so sure that Starry Night would renew the contract. He had even threatened that he was going to shelf the group.

In fact, he had actually done it. It was just that he had never realized that Starry Night wasn’t a group on his leash.

Sheng Yize went on talking, but got no reply.

He turned his intense gaze on An Xiaxia and saw that she had fallen asleep again. Her sleeping face looked so peaceful and beautiful.

He bent down and kissed her on the cheek.

Sleep tight, Xiaxia.

My dearest Xiaxia.

Coming out of An Xiaxia’s room, Sheng Yize quietly closed the door behind him. He then bumped into An Yibei.

An Yibei snorted. “You’re not staying in my sister’s room that long from now on! Who knows what immoral and base things you’re doing in there!”

Sheng Yize didn’t know how to respond to that and could only nod in embarrassment.

He still had some unsolved issues to attend to and he needed to go out again. He quickly went downstairs and heard a familiar voice —

“Thank you, uncle. I’ll work very hard!” Qi Yanxi was smiling more brightly than a blossoming flower. Without his fiendish manner, he looked just like any nice boy next door.

Papa An smiled at him and went back to his work.

Sheng Yize went over to him and raised an eyebrow. “What now?”

Qi Yanxi smiled knowingly. “Uncle An’s coffee shop needs a part-timer over the winter vacation… And here I am~”

Sheng Yize’s face turned grim right away, while Qi Yanxi swaggered and waved at him. “I hope we’ll get along well.”

After that, he even swung his hips this way and that at Sheng Yize, provoking him deliberately.

He was saying with his body language, “Bite me!”

He was in such a good mood that he didn’t see Sheng Yize’s foot coming, which kicked him right in his butt.

Damn you! Seriously?