Chapter 3: The Nation’s Idol Has Arrived (1)

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An Xiaxia had nightmares the whole night.

In the dream, Sheng Yize towered over her with a large saber over his shoulder and looked down at her as he said, “So, it’s you who’s always trashing me online? You even crashed into my car today. Tsk, tsk, I guess I’ll just combine the two debts and chop you to pieces…”

An Xiaxia let out a high-pitched scream and sat up in bed.

She turned off the alarm clock by her bedside and took a while to regulate her unsteady breathing.

After a struggle, she finally managed to calm down. She then glanced at the clock before letting out yet another shrill cry.


She immediately got out of bed and rushed over to the bathroom to wash up quickly before grabbing her backpack and running out of the door.

She was late!

Yesterday was her first day at Qixia High and her class teacher had instructed everyone to assemble at 8AM sharp today for the school’s opening ceremony.

However, it was currently 7:45AM, and the journey to school from her house would take as long as half an hour…

With her older brother working abroad and her father on vacation, there was no one in the house who could have woken her up.

As she was feeling depressed and hopeless, a brand new mountain bike showed up at her side. The young man on the bike was handsome and refreshing. His eyes and eyebrows made him look bright and lively although his bangs were a little long as they almost covered his amber-colored eyes.

When she saw him, An Xiaxia felt like she was seeing a most beloved one and she cried out in a shrill voice, “Worthless Kang!”

Kang Jian was almost knocked off his bike by the force of her voice. He asked with a confounded look on his face, “Did you oversleep as well?”

“Why are you still talking so much! Hurry up and take me to school!” An Xiaxia deftly jumped onto his bike and Kang Jian began pedalling at full speed.

Once Kang Jian finally got them to school, the two discovered an even more tragic reality —

The gates were locked! They were actually locked! Two very impressive-looking and imposing security guards were guarding the gates and at that moment, they were staring at the two of them.

“What do we do? Do we enter?” Kang Jian asked nervously as he rested one leg on the ground to support the bike.

“How?! Can you see that little book on that table? It must be used to record the late students. Do you want to be chastised by the teachers on the first day?!” An Xiaxia placed her hand on her forehead in distress.

“Then what do we do?” Kang Jian looked pitifully at An Xiaxia.

“I don’t know, think with that little brain of yours!” An Xiaxia said anxiously, but didn’t know what to do, either.

Kang Jian pulled at his ears and thought for a while, and suddenly came up with what he considered a brilliant plan. “Xiaxia, let’s just climb the walls and get in! Think about it, right now everyone will be attending the opening ceremony. No one will see us!”

An Xiaxia considered it for a moment and nodded. “Good plan! Let’s go climb that wall!”

The two decided to just go with it and locked the mountain bike in front of a convenience store. Kang Jian then picked a good spot on the wall and let An Xiaxia step on his back to climb up.

Qixia High.

The opening ceremony was held on campus grounds. There was a microphone stand set up in front of the flagpole and behind the flagpole was the school’s newly built walls.

The dean held his script and was preparing to give a speech. Before he could even let out one word, there was suddenly a high-pitched cry from behind him followed by a rumbling noise as though something heavy had fallen to the ground.

Turning his head with rigid movements, he was completely flabbergasted by what he saw.

A girl with long hair was sprawled on the ground, as if she had fallen from the sky, and on the wall was a boy fearlessly jumping down as he shouted, “Xiaxia, I’m coming down! Catch my bag!”

An Xiaxia had figured out what was going on in the school now and she couldn’t even begin to cry at what she was seeing. She waved her hands at him and mouthed, “Don’t come down, don’t come down here!”