Chapter 30: Deskmates? It Must Be Fate (2)

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During the class meeting, even the class teacher Bai Ziyue said to An Xiaxia embarrassingly, “An Xiaxia, you’ve got to get a good rest over the weekend and get well soon.”

What she said was funny for some reason and the students all burst into laughter.

“Haha, An Xiaxia is now a walking virus!”

“That’s right. I wonder which one of you sitting next to her can survive this in the end.”

“Sigh… My Lord Fengfeng and Lord Jiayu were both infected by her. That’s so annoying!”

An Xiaxia was crying hard inside while she listened to the conversation.

She hadn’t wanted to get sick either! Plus, she most certainly hadn’t wanted to infect others!

In the last few days, she had been mentally tormented by the fans of Starry Night. Wherever she went, she was kindly reminded, “We couldn’t care less if the cold kills you, but just don’t get our dear idols infected.”

An Xiaxia almost had a nervous breakdown.

Of course, there were some kinder fans who bought her medicine, hoping she would get well soon so that she wouldn’t infect their idols…

In other words, she wasn’t the one they cared about!

An Xiaxia pursed her lips, feeling hurt. She then looked back and saw He Jiayu and Chi Yuanfeng wiping their noses. However, Sheng Yize remained perfectly healthy and was now looking out the window lost in his thoughts with his headphones on.

The sight of him reminded her of the two ambiguous kisses. Distracted, she then turned back and wanted to lean on the desk. However, she unexpectedly bent down too hard and her head hit the desk with a loud bang.

The noisy class quieted down immediately and all eyes were on An Xiaxia.

An Xiaxia rubbed her head and sat back up sheepishly. The class teacher was watching her with a sorry look on her face. “An Xiaxia, there’s no need to blame yourself, this wasn’t your fault. Feel free to share your suggestion with us.”

An Xiaxia blurted out, “I think I need a deskmate with a strong immune system.”

Pfft —

The entire class burst into laughter again. The class teacher shook her head with a smile, then looked around the classroom. “Any volunteers?”

Su Xiaomo, who was her deskmate, sold her out right away. “Miss, I’m volunteering against it. I want to stay away from An Xiaxia!”

An Xiaxia almost cried.

Jian Xin’er also hollered in a shrill voice, “Oh god, who would want to sit with her? She’s probably even worse than an infectious disease!”

That was another blow to An Xiaxia.

The students all expressed their unwillingness one after another and Kang Jian was the only one who answered in a weak voice, “I… I do want to sit with my dear Xiaxia!”

Kang Jian was always as strong as a horse. However, he hadn’t survived this one. After being infected by An Xiaxia, he was so weak that even a gust of wind could blow him over.

Seeing him like this, the class teacher apparently couldn’t bear to put him next to An Xiaxia. She frowned and looked around again, then her eyes lit up!

“An Xiaxia, how about you sit with Sheng Yize? He’s sitting at the end by the window. Besides, he seems in pretty good shape. Sitting with him shouldn’t be a problem, then!”

At this suggestion, a hush fell over the classroom.

An Xiaxia refused at once. “No way! I’m staying here!”

Su Xiaomo wiped her snot and took a breath with much difficulty. She then replied for An Xiaxia. “Sure, Miss. That’s a deal and everyone is happy!” After that, she demonstrated the true quality of an iron lady and carried An Xiaxia’s entire desk and placed it next to Sheng Yize.

All kinds of talk gradually began to ring out in the classroom.

An Xiaxia didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. What was done was done and she could no longer refuse. Hence, she took her chair and sat by Sheng Yize gingerly.

“Hi, new deskmate,” An Xiaxia greeted tentatively.