Chapter 300: Senior, You’re on Your Own

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“Go away. You offend my eyes,” said Sheng Yize impatiently.

Qi Yanxi ground his teeth. “Did you just hit me? I’m going to waste you — Why, uncle, let me do that! Let me!”

Before he could finish his threat, Qi Yanxi transformed into that good boy who ran over to Papa An to help him serve coffee.

Sheng Yize was utterly speechless at Qi Yanxi’s behavior.

After returning to his place, Sheng Yize gathered all the information needed and sent it to his lawyer.

His phone then buzzed. Picking it up, he saw that it was from Rong Che.

He answered and Rong Che’s grim voice came from the other end. “I’m outside. Open up!”

Sheng Yize smiled. “Why should I?”

“You…!” Rong Che was rendered speechless. “Is that how you treat your senior?”

Sheng Yize couldn’t be bothered to answer. He hung up right away and blocked all calls from Rong Che.

Rong Che had to be pretty desperate if he had shown up outside his door. Offering timely help to his enemy had never been Sheng Yize’s thing. Dropping stones on a man that had already fallen into a well, on the other hand, was his cup of tea.

Sheng Yize logged into “Wind and Cloud” unhurriedly and helped An Xiaxia’s avatar with several dungeons she couldn’t get through herself. He then stretched and slowly went downstairs.

The doorbell was still ringing.

It seemed that Rong Che hadn’t left yet.

Sheng Yize smiled coldly and went to answer the door.

Outside, Rong Che instinctively wanted to greet Sheng Yize with an insult. However, he fought back his anger at the thought of his own situation.

“Sheng Yize, what will it take for you to let this drop?”

“Let it drop…?” Sheng Yize looked as if he had just been told the funniest story. When his smile faded, he said, “Senior, you were the one that wouldn’t let it drop. Why are you telling me this instead?”

Rong Che was well aware that he was in the wrong. He had never liked Sheng Yize. After taking “Warm Time” and selling it as his own, he had obtained numerous awards. Men were greedy and he was driven even further by all his desires. With all the glory he gained, instead of feeling guilty, he began to hate Sheng Yize even more!

If only he wasn’t around… If that was the case, no one would ever find out the truth…

However, everything had been exposed now. He was utterly discredited and his reputation was in the mud. Somehow, none of his financial backers would answer his calls and even Director Luo was forcing him to apologize to Sheng Yize…

He had never expected Sheng Yize to be this merciless!

“Sheng Yize, let this drop and renew the contract with Endless Night. We can start with a clean slate!” Rong Che raised his chin proudly.

Sheng Yize crossed his arms and asked casually, “Why?”

“What good will this do you? So you think you’ve destroyed me? Are you any better than me… Without Endless Night, your group will lose all its fame soon. Is this what you want? No one wins and everyone suffers?”

Hearing Rong Che scream at the top of his lungs, Sheng Yize smiled even more broadly.

“How come you never thought about ‘everyone suffering’ when you set me up? Plus, you’re the only one suffering. What does it have to do with me?”

“What do you mean…” Rong Che swallowed, breaking into a cold sweat at the teenager’s intimidating aura.

Sheng Yize’s voice was cold as ice. “I can look past what you did to me, but you messed with the person you shouldn’t have! Senior, you’re on your own!”

He closed the door in his face. Rong Che stood there dazed. He then took out his phone and went online.

As expected, the news was going around all over social media.

“Rong Che deep in scandal! Endless Night has ended his contract!”