Chapter 301: I’ll Make Money While You Eat Meat

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Hands shaking, he called his agent right away.

However, the agent that used to take all his scolding without complaint wouldn’t answer, which had never happened before!

He then called Director Luo… He didn’t answer either.

He called each financial backer in turn… No one picked up…

Rong Che stumbled toward the underground parking lot to get his car. The only thought in his head now was to go back to Endless Night and clear it up with Director Luo!

He had dreamed about becoming a star since he was a teenager. After all the shady approaches he had used, he had gotten what he wanted after years of painstaking efforts.

Over the years when he was considered the jewel of Endless Night, he had been so carried away with his own importance that he really thought he had become a superstar.

Little had he expected that at the first sign of trouble, he had been abandoned right away!

Utterly distracted, he arrived at Endless Night, where he was stopped by security.

“Do you know who I am? How dare you stop me?” Rong Che was so agitated now that he was in no mood to maintain his image. He lashed out at the security guard.

The security guard also knew when to trim his sails and gave him a pitying look. “Mr. Rong, we’ve been ordered not to let you in. Please go back.”

Back? Back to where? He had nowhere to go back to.

Rong Che wanted to force his way in, but the security at Endless Night hadn’t been hired for their looks. One shove from the man and Rong Che lost his balance. He fell down sprawling on the ground.

Ssss — Rong Che drew in a breath at the pain. He was going to get back to his feet when the sound of cameras rang out behind him incessantly.

It was the most familiar sound and one that he used to love so much. However, he abhorred it now!

Looking back in haste, he saw reporters swarming toward him. Apart from taking pictures, they also threw the most difficult questions at him —

“Can you tell us why you copied Sheng Yize’s work?”

“What were you thinking when you suppressed Starry Night?”

“Is there another explanation for that incident of Sheng Yize hitting you?”

“Do you have any comments on the company terminating your contract?”


The packed crowd make Rong Che queasy. He rose to his feet, found a gap in the crowd, and fled.

The reporters chased after him, making him look even more like a defeated animal.

Sheng Yize, you will answer for this one day!

With the news of Starry Night terminating their contract as well as the unilateral cancellation of Rong Che’s contract, Endless Night’s stock price had taken a dive in the past few days.

This was all within Sheng Yize’s expectations.

Right now, at the An family home.

Sheng Yize was explaining stocks to An Xiaxia and she was completely at a loss. She eyed him pitifully while nibbling on her finger. She couldn’t understand what he was saying, but she didn’t want to interrupt him either. The look on her face was getting more and more aggrieved.

Sheng Yize seemed to sense how oddly his little girlfriend was behaving and turned to look at her. He chuckled suddenly and pinched An Xiaxia’s cheek. “Have I lost you there?”

“Yes…” An Xiaxia nodded honestly, fearing that he might laugh at her.

“That’s ok.” Sheng Yize smiled mildly. “We only need one breadwinner in the family. I’ll make money for us and you can have all the meat you want. Deal?”

Glutton Xia bought the idea right away. She nodded eagerly and giggled.

“Tch, you two, behave yourselves!” An Yibei walked past them and snorted. He then tossed a bag of chips at An Xiaxia. “Eat meat? Look at all the meat you have yourself!”

He had finally raised her into this big, pretty girl and she was Sheng Yize’s girlfriend all of a sudden. Damn it!

An Xiaxia happily ate her chips. Sheng Yize rubbed her hair, rose to his feet, and said earnestly, “Brother An, thank you for the contract…”

An Xiaxia licked her fingers and her face was full of bewilderment.

Contract? What contract?