Chapter 302: Do You Love Me?

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An Yibei rolled his eyes at her. “Am I starving you? Can you stop licking your fingers? Do you know how many germs you have on them?”

An Xiaxia cried inwardly… This nagging brother was so annoying. How could anyone not lick their fingers after eating chips?! It was one of the most delightful things in the world!

She put down her hands resentfully and pricked up her ears to follow the conversation between the two men.

After mocking her, An Yibei darted a nonchalant glance at Sheng Yize and snorted. “It was a piece of cake. You’re welcome.”

Pffft —

My dear big brother is such a tsundere!

But exactly what had he helped Sheng Yize with? An Xiaxia felt as if a kitten was tickling her heart. The more they kept from her, the more eager she was to know!

Sheng Yize smiled and rubbed An Xiaxia’s hair. Seeing the pitiful look on her face, he narrowed his eyes slyly. “Do you want to know?”

An Xiaxia nodded eagerly.

“I’m not telling you!”

Pffft —

Why was her boyfriend such a tsundere as well?!

An Xiaxia threw off his hand aggrievedly and ran back to her room.

After deliberately chasing her off with teasing, both Sheng Yize and An Yibei put on serious faces.

An Yibei said, “If you really want to thank me, be nice to Xiaxia. And be responsible for yourself. Don’t let her worry again.”


An Yibei left after a snort and Sheng Yize stood there with a little smile on his face.

Only a couple of days ago, Director Luo had sent him a message to say that the company was suing Starry Night, which had made Sheng Yize think it would take some effort to terminate the contract.

However, An Yibei had sought him out in private and taken the original copy of the contract with him. He had then sued Endless Night instead!

An elite lawyer wasn’t to be messed with! Not only did Endless Night fail to sue Starry Night, An Yibei was putting them through living hell. Regret wasn’t enough to describe how they felt now!

Sheng Yize knew perfectly well why An Yibei had gone to these lengths to help him.

He went to An Xiaxia’s room in large strides. The door wasn’t locked and he pushed it open after knocking on it.

An Xiaxia was huddled under her duvet watching a cartoon. Seeing him come in, she suddenly said quietly, “Sheng Yize, come here…”

Sheng Yize’s heart skipped a beat and he hurried over, thinking she was angry at him.

However, An Xiaxia asked next, “Do you love me?”

The skin behind his ears turned pink. What was she talking about? Love wasn’t something you declared that lightly.

Getting no answer from him, An Xiaxia pouted and pressed on, “Do you love me or not…”

Sheng Yize coughed and replied with a low “hm” after quite a while.

The skin behind his ears had turned scarlet by now.

An Xiaxia’s face lit up and she asked with a smile, “In that case, can you turn me over?”


“I’m so tired. I don’t want to move myself,” An Xiaxia said matter-of-factly.

The corner of Sheng Yize’s mouth twitched. He picked An Xiaxia up and turned her around so that she was facing a different direction.

“Princess Xiaxia, anything else I can do for you?” he asked awkwardly.

Recalling how he had teased her just then, she snorted. She was going to be An Xiaxia the tsundere as well!

Hence, she ordered, “Get me some yogurt.”

“Of course, Princess Xiaxia. One yogurt coming up, Princess Xiaxia.” Sheng Yize wasn’t angry, but had agreed good-naturedly!

Two minutes later, he was back with a glass of yogurt, which even had a straw in it. He then raised it to An Xiaxia’s lips. “There, Princess Xiaxia. Your yogurt.”

An Xiaxia practically looked horrified. OMG! What happened to Sheng Yize?!