Chapter 305: There’s Someone I Like Now (2)

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“Momo!” An Xiaxia cried out in surprise and rushed over to help her up.

Su Xiaomo looked around in bewilderment and sat back in her chair with An Xiaxia’s help.

Nangong Jing guffawed. “Su Xiaomo, you idiot! You’re so dumb! How did you fall down while sitting… Ahahahaha!”

Su Xiaomo didn’t pounce on him to shut him up like she usually did. Nangong Jing’s croak resonated in the air, as unpleasant as the quack of a duck.

“That’s enough! Can’t you see what’s going on?!” As Su Xiaomo’s good friend, Kang Jian stepped forward and smacked Nangong Jing on his forehead.

An Xiaxia waved her hand in front of Su Xiaomo’s face. “Momo, talk to me. What’s going on?”

Su Xiaomo flashed her a forced smile. “Nothing… I didn’t sleep well last night. I need to catch up on my sleep.”

After that, she ignored An Xiaxia’s concerned look and threw herself down on her desk.

Her eyes were burning and she sniveled quietly. Before she knew it, tears rolled down her cheeks and soon dampened her sleeves.

The teenager sitting in the back row, who was as mild as a spring breeze, put down the book in his hand the moment she lowered her head.

He Jiayu watched Su Xiaomo in silence. She wasn’t making any sound, but he could feel the poignant sorrow coming off her.

Was she this upset because of what he said?

Let us rewind the time back to the day of the New Year’s Gala.

After Sheng Yize punched Rong Che, all hell broke loose. It was well after 11PM when everything settled down. He Jiayu was about to go to bed when he received a message from Su Xiaomo.

“I’m outside… Um, may I see you now?” The girl sounded nervous and jittery.

He went downstairs, where Su Xiaomo smiled brightly at him, wrapped in a cream-colored scarf. Her eyes were brighter than the stars in the sky.

“Are you three all right? That was crazy. I went to check up on Xiaxia just then. Sister Ke gave her a hard time and she almost cried…”

“I’m alright.” He Jiayu smiled at her. “Can I help you?”

Su Xiaomo wrung her hands together behind her back for a long time before she summoned up her courage and passed him the bag. “Happy new year, He Jiayu.”

In the bag was the scarf from last time.

He Jiayu was noticeably surprised. He suddenly realized why Su Xiaomo had been avoiding him these days.

So, the gift was for him.

He smiled and took it, looking as mild and genteel as ever. “Thank you.”

Su Xiaomo’s cheeks flushed. “You’re welcome… It’s the least I can do. I wish you a happy new year and for you to live long and prosper… Bah, what am I talking about? Anyway, I hope you’ll live each day happier than the day before!”

Su Xiaomo finished all that in one go. Panting slightly, she looked at the placid face of the teenager in front of her.

He smiled the entire time. However… it was a smile that was so distant and cold.

Yes, it was so cold.

An emotion that shouldn’t be seen on He Jiayu.

He was supposed to be the April breeze that was so warm and comfortable that one could melt in it…

The next second, her suspicions were confirmed —

“Thank you for your new year present and your good wishes. Su Xiaomo, you really are a good friend.” He was still smiling, as if he had no idea how hurtful his words were. “I wish you a wonderful year as well, my good friend.”

Su Xiaomo was stunned.

Friend? A good friend?

Had he thought of her as nothing but a friend all along?!

“He Jiayu… You…”

“I have someone I like now.” The smile widened on the mild teenager’s face, which became a razor that cut her heart.

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Chapter 306: Hidden Malice (1)

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The clock struck twelve times.

New year fireworks shot up into the sky, igniting the whole city. They were as resplendent as falling stars and the view was spectacular.

Su Xiaomo stared blankly at the teenager in front of her. As tough as she was all the time, she somehow began to feel a burning sensation in her eyes.

Had sand gotten into her eyes? Or was it snow?

But according to the weather forecast, it was a windless day today. There was no snow or cloud. The moon was bright and there were few stars.

Nothing had gotten into her eyes. It was only her wanting to cry.

Stop putting on this affected act. It’s nothing worth crying over. So what if you love someone that doesn’t love you back?

So what?

“I see…” she replied with a smile after what seemed like an eternity. “Yes, we’re good friends! Best buddies!”

She patted He Jiayu on his shoulder in a valiant manner. He Jiayu smiled the whole time and acknowledged her reply with a quiet “hm.”

That pat seemed to exhaust all of Su Xiaomo’s strength. She heard herself ask in a quivering voice, “What is she like, the girl you like?”

He Jiayu’s smile froze for a split second before he regained his natural pose. “She’s gentle, kind, beautiful, and considerate… She’s a girl one feels very comfortable around and wants me to protect her against all harm…”

Is that so… Is she that perfect…

She was her polar opposite.

I’m sorry I didn’t grow up to become someone you like. I’m sorry.

She thought she could be tough and masculine. She thought she could be as brisk and unhesitating with emotions as during her taekwondo practice — one kick and all her bad mood would go away.

But, she still felt sad.

So sad, so very sad…

She couldn’t remember what she said to He Jiayu after that. After some gibberish, she turned around and left.

With each step, she was pulled deeper into an abyss. The pain was killing her.

The streets were lit up brilliantly with colorful lights. Light and shadow covered everything, be it good or bad.

A new year arrived in the most vigorous yet peaceful way.

In the classroom.

He Jiayu lowered his gaze and could clearly make out a wet spot under Su Xiaomo’s seat.

He kept his gaze on her for as long as she cried.

Chi Yuanfeng was humming a tune beside him. Seeing that He Jiayu had been in a trance for such a long time, he gave him a nudge and asked, “Brother, what’re you looking at?”

He Jiayu came back to himself, blinked, and answered in a low voice, “Nothing.”

After that, he picked that book back up and resumed his reading.

He had always been the gentlest and the most resolute one.

An Xiaxia spent the whole day in an absentminded state because of her concern for Su Xiaomo.

After school, she dragged Su Xiaomo to a grillhouse straight away.

Was there any agony that couldn’t be solved by a nice barbecue meal? If there was, try another round of barbecue!

As expected, Su Xiaomo revealed her true self at the sight of meat. One second ago, she was still brooding over her sorrow; the next second, she was fighting An Xiaxia over a piece of streaky bacon!

“WTF? I thought you brought me here for the meat. Hey, you sleazy thing! Put down that meat and we might still be friends!”

” Sob … Don’t take my meat away…” Glutton Xia pleaded in a piteous tone. Unfortunately, she was completely overpowered and Su Xiaomo robbed her of a perfect piece of meat from between her chopsticks.

She was practically wailing. “What happened to BFF… Why do you always have to take my meat…”

Su Xiaomo shook her leg, gloating. “Hoho, coz your meat is always better!”

An Xiaxia was even more aggrieved. Just then, a greasy pair of hands landed on her shoulders from behind. “Little girl, do you want to eat meat? Come to your big brother’s table!”