Chapter 307: Hidden Malice (2)

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An Xiaxia moved away in disgust, but the man went after her. “Hey, little girl, why are you running away from me?”

Su Xiaomo smacked her chopsticks down on the table and commanded in her domineering manner, “Keep your dirty hands off her!”

The man stank of alcohol. Instead of backing off, he was enraged by their reactions. He lunged at them and tried to force himself onto the two girls.

“Hey! Waiter!” An Xiaxia called out. However, the waiters of the restaurant acted as if they were all deaf and ignored her cries for help.

She looked around. It wasn’t peak time yet for dinner. Apart from them, the only other customers were several other men sitting around a table. Instead of offering to help, they were now grinning licentiously.

Su Xiaomo was infuriated. She bolted to her feet and took a flying kick. The man fell to the ground and covered his face as he cried in pain.

“You piece of shit!” Su Xiaomo gave the man the finger. The man howled like a pig being slaughtered. “F**k you! How dare you hit me!”

“That’s exactly what you deserve!” Su Xiaomo kicked him again.

The man struggled and waved his hand. Instantly, all the men at the other table stood up and approached them.

An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo were dumbfounded.

“Hmph! You two bitches! I’m gonna give you a good spanking today!” Blood poured out of his nostrils as the man roared. His friends began to roll up their sleeves as they circled An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo.

“What do we do?” An Xiaxia held up a fork as her weapon and asked Su Xiaomo timidly.

Su Xiaomo wavered as well. She had no problem taking care of one or two guys. However, all this muscle was beyond her!

“What do you think…” she moaned. “Run —”

She found a gap among the men and dragged An Xiaxia toward the door of the restaurant!

However, the door was closed right at that moment.

“Hey! Open up!” Su Xiaomo yelled.

The waiter said calmly, “I’m sorry, miss, but you haven’t paid your bill yet.”

An Xiaxia took out a few hundred-yuan bills and handed them to him, but the waiter still showed no intention to open the door.

“Damn you! What is this? Are you a tourist trap or something?”

The waiter darted them an indecipherable look, recalling the order he had received earlier. In order to keep his job, he stood there and played dead. No matter what An Xiaxia said, he simply wouldn’t open the door.

Those men caught up with them in no time. They then split up in two groups, each circling ]a girl and teasing them.

“Still wanna run?”

“None of this would have happened if you had just come and drink with me…”

“Why, she’s got such smooth skin…”

The six of them couldn’t keep their hands off them and their faces looked like blooming chrysanthemums.

How could such a nice job land in their laps? Not only was their dinner paid for, they also got to play with the two young students. That person also promised that any consequences would be taken care of after this.

Teehee, it would be such a waste if they didn’t make good use of this opportunity!

An Xiaxia struggled with all her strength. She tried to call the police, but her phone was snatched out of her hand and thrown into the distance.

“Think with your head! There’re cameras in the restaurant! Anything happens to us and you’ll pay for it!” An Xiaxia threatened them in a cold voice. The men noticeably paused a little at her words, not expecting to hear that from a little girl.

However, that person had promised… They should be safe!

At the thought of that, a man grabbed An Xiaxia by her shoulder. “I see this one has a temper. Here, drink with me and I’ll forgive… F**k… Who did that?