Chapter 309: Hidden Malice (4)

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“Jian Xin’er? Why are you here?” An Xiaxia was surprised.

Su Xiaomo burst out cursing immediately. “F**k, that bitch again?! Don’t tell me you’re behind all this!”

Jian Xin’er stumbled back. Sheng Yize’s aim had been quite accurate just then, and had it not been for the potted plant that she had taken shelter behind, the chair would have landed on her face!

Instead of feeling sorry, she stared at An Xiaxia with the most malicious look!

Sheng Yize had talked to her after the incident at the ball. Despite his perfect composure, he had skillfully intimidated and threatened Jian Xin’er and Ding Yiyi into dropping out of school.

Ever since leaving Qixia, she had become the shame of the entire Jian family! After that, the Sheng family also suspended all joint projects with the Jian family. They didn’t exactly oppress the Jian family on the surface, but what they did was enough to shake the Jian family’s business!

This barbecue restaurant was one of the Jian family’s businesses and she had been here to have dinner today when she saw An Xiaxia.

The timing and the location were so perfect that she simply couldn’t let such a good opportunity go to waste!

She had planned everything out. That bunch of men was going to make An Xiaxia drink with them. Once inebriated, those men obviously wouldn’t be able to keep their hands off her. She would then take photos of An Xiaxia being taken advantage of and send them anonymously to Sheng Yize…

That way, Sheng Yize wouldn’t be able to trace it back to her and the photos would definitely create trouble between the couple!

No man could stand a tainted girlfriend!

Everything had been going smoothly as planned before Sheng Yize and Qi Yanxi suddenly showed up, shattering her dream.

“What proof do you have, to pin it on me?” Jian Xin’er was incorrigible and still tried to threaten An Xiaxia. “Ever heard the expression ‘a beggar can never become bankrupt’? An Xiaxia, mess with me again and you’ll feel my wrath!”

An Xiaxia was utterly speechless. Jian Xin’er was the one who set her up, yet why did this woman make it sound like An Xiaxia was the unforgivable bad person?

“Jian Xin’er, get your facts straight!” An Xiaxia was infuriated. Indignant, she was going to retort when Sheng Yize stopped her.

He stroked An Xiaxia’s hair to calm her down, then moved gracefully toward Jian Xin’er and asked casually, “What proof are we talking about here?”

Jian Xin’er bit her lip and she gave him a look with mixed feelings. There was infatuation, hatred, and reluctance!

“You have no proof whatsoever! Those men’s words mean nothing…” Jian Xin’er snorted. She had long asked the staff to shut off the cameras and the word of the waiters and those drunkards alone couldn’t prove anything!

“But I was never looking for any proof.” The smile on Sheng Yize’s face was enigmatic. The next moment, his hands moved at lightning speed and his ten fingers wrapped tightly around her windpipe. He then squeezed. Jian Xin’er went red in the face as she breathed with difficulty. She opened her eyes wide and stared at Sheng Yize in horror!

“Jian Xin’er, I only let you go time and time again because Xiaxia is generous like that! Do you seriously think there’s nothing I can do to you?” Sheng Yize was still smiling, but his grip grew tighter. Jian Xin’er struggled, but her limbs began to give up.

She could even feel death approaching…

“Sheng Yize!” An Xiaxia called out, dragging Sheng Yize back to reality.

The murderous look faded a little from his eyes as he threw Jian Xin’er to the ground. “That’s all I have to say! Touch Xiaxia again… hoho, take a wild guess what I’ll do to you.”