Chapter 31: How Shameless

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Sheng Yize turned and shot a glance at her, then turned his handsome face away again.

“Whose song are you listening to? Phoenix Legend 1 ? Chopsticks Brothers 2?” An Xiaxia tried to strike up a conversation.

Sheng Yize removed one side of his headphones with a graceful movement, but his tone was frighteningly offish. “English listening comprehension.”

“Oh…” An Xiaxia rubbed her nose embarrassedly. “Um, I’ve caught a cold, so be careful. Don’t get infected.”

“If so, then what?” His cold but attractive voice made An Xiaxia speechless.

Alright, fine, she really couldn’t do anything to him… A little dissatisfaction toward him and she would probably be torn into pieces by those frightening fans of Starry Night here at Qixia High School.

Therefore, An Xiaxia could only cry inwardly and reply, “As long as you’re happy…”

He had been ordering her around like a devil only a few days ago and now he had his poker face on again.

Seriously, why was he so cocky? How irritating was that!

As soon as school was over, Sheng Yize and the other two were escorted out by their bodyguards. Still muddleheaded, An Xiaxia dallied and was the last to leave.

A girl suddenly came in and knocked on the door of the classroom. “Is An Xiaxia here? Your class teacher is asking for you in her office.”

“Okay,” she replied. She then said to Su Xiaomo and Kang Jian. “Don’t wait for me. I’ll take the bus on my own later.”

The two, who were equally weakened by their colds, supported each other and left.

An Xiaxia picked up her school bag and walked toward the office building.

When she turned the corner before the office, someone suddenly covered her mouth from behind!

She moaned a couple of times. However, she was too weak from the bad cold and she struggled to no avail. She was then towed away.

The last thought in An Xiaxia’s head was: Why had that girl tricked her into coming here?

In a small alley outside the school.

Jian Xin’er quietly stood there with a cunning smile.

Ding Yiyi and Li Canxing stood next to her.

When An Xiaxia was towed here by two girls, Jian Xin’er kicked An Xiaxia right away. “An Xiaxia, you are indeed shameless! How dare you sit with Sheng Yize even if the teacher asked you to? Will you go to hell if I tell you to?”

An Xiaxia had gone very pale. She knew what was going on as soon as she saw Jian Xin’er and the others.

It was them again…

She knew that it was useless to fight back now, for it would only infuriate them more. The only thing she could do was to wait for a chance to escape!

However, Li Canxing seemed to see through her and dragged her even deeper into the alley. She sneered, “You won’t be as lucky as last time!”

An Xiaxia bit her lip so hard that it lost all color. She watched warily as those girls cornered her.

There were too many of them for her to either fight back or run away…

What was more bone-chilling was that those girls were actually discussing what to do to her.

“Beat her up and ruin her face! Let’s see how she’s going to seduce my idol Yize like that!”

“That’s right. Take her clothes off and take nude photos of her, then post them on our school’s online forum! She won’t survive in Qixia any more!”

“Hehe… Yiyi, didn’t you say you know some gangsters? How about inviting a few of them over?”

All of them let out knowing laughs.

Jian Xin’er waved her hand and someone immediately pinned An Xiaxia to the ground. Jian Xin’er’s two slaps fell on An Xiaxia’s face before she stepped on An Xiaxia’s fingers and said with a smile, “I heard that you’re a specialized music student. If your hands are crippled, you’ll probably have to get the hell out of Qixia, then?”