Chapter 312: I Don’t Need Your Pity (2)

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“Are you blind? Of course not!” Qi Yanxi bellowed defiantly.

Father Qi was so angry that his lips quivered. Lu He held his arm right away and stroked his back gently. “Sir, don’t get mad. It’s not worth ruining your health over…”

She darted Qi Yanxi a gloating look as she said that.

Qi Yanxi felt his stomach turn at that disgusting look on her face, but there was nothing he could do.

His stepmother simply couldn’t let a day pass without throwing some dirty water on him!

“You skipped home just to make trouble elsewhere! Working part time in a place like this… The Qi family is ashamed even if you’re not!” Father Qi clutched his chest as he scolded Qi Yanxi, exasperated at his failure to live up to his expectations.

Papa An’s face darkened a little at those words.

It appeared that this was Qi Yanxi’s father, and the man despised his little shop a lot…

Papa An smiled in his genteel way. “Mr. Qi, I presume? How about we all sit down and have a cup of coffee… Yanxi is a good kid. Plus, what’s wrong with earning money with one’s own hands?”

Despite his mild look, he stood ramrod straight as he stuck up for Qi Yanxi.

Qi Yanxi felt his eyes burn, finding what was happening utterly ironic.

His own father… did nothing but accuse him and despise him…

Even Papa An, who had only known him for a few days, was kinder to him.

He lowered his eyes and let his long lashes cover all his emotions.

Lu He rolled her eyes at Papa An. “Who are you to address our master? Don’t think so highly of yourself just because Yanxi works here. He’s the heir to the Qi family, not someone from your world!”

However good-tempered Papa An was, that mildness had disappeared completely.

He raised an eyebrow. “Do whatever you want, then.”

After that, he ignored Father Qi and took care of Qi Yanxi’s wounds in a low voice.

To him, Qi Yanxi was a good boy.

He had never expected to see such parents. Since they were that rude, he couldn’t be bothered to serve them, either.

Father Qi was exasperated. Looking around, he was going to lash out when he saw Sheng Yize sitting indifferently in a corner.

“Yize, why are you here?” Father Qi was noticeably delighted.

Sheng Yize smiled a little. “I live here.”

Before he could go on, An Xiaxia ran down holding a medkit, eyes shining. Everyone turned to look at her.

Lu He turned up her volume right away. “Yanxi, you’re not working here for this girl, are you? Gosh… How can you demean yourself like this? Don’t you know that the easy girls are the vilest… Do you even know what family you’re from…”

Her words were filled with mockery at Qi Yanxi and insults at An Xiaxia.

An Xiaxia’s cheeks flushed. She didn’t know what had happened before this, but she knew the woman was targeting her and that they were very mean words!

Qi Yanxi bristled. He smacked the table and bolted to his feet. “That’s enough! Damn it, since when can you meddle in my business? Mind this, you’re not my mother! You have no right to lecture me! Shut that mouth or I’ll rip your tongue out!”

Father Qi was so distressed by those words that he tried to strike Qi Yanxi with his walking stick. However, An Xiaxia’s clear voice interrupted him.

“Uncle Qi, is it? I have a question: is Qi Yanxi your son?”