Chapter 313: I Don’t Need Your Pity (3)

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Everybody was surprised by this.

Father Qi was displeased. “What do you mean?”

He looked the girl up and down. With her clear and bright eyes and delicate features, there was something very comforting about her.

Hmph, all disastrous women were like this.

An Xiaxia wasn’t intimidated at all. Instead, she said clearly, “Uncle Qi, can’t you see that Qi Yanxi is injured? As a father, shouldn’t your reaction be to ask after his well-being? The priority now is to treat his wounds first! And what did you do? You hit him without knowing anything… Do you even care about Qi Yanxi’s feelings?”

Despite the teenage girl’s soft voice, the words made an impact on the mind.

Father Qi narrowed his eyes and slowly put down his walking stick.

If An Xiaxia hadn’t brought it up, he wouldn’t have known that Qi Yanxi was hurt…

At his side, Lu He saw that the old man had softened and she began to stir things up again. “Oh my, what happened? It wasn’t over some girl, was it… Sigh, master, I’ve told you, Yanxi is only a kid and he’s naughty like that. You don’t have to be too serious with him… But you insisted on coming here. Sigh , it’s all my fault…”

She wiped away nonexistent tears while Father Qi frowned and got angry again. He scolded, “What happened?”

Qi Yanxi smiled in a self-mocking way. “That’s right. I just love to go around stirring up trouble and that’s why I got hurt. Haven’t you given up on me already? There, finish me off right here. Then I owe you nothing and don’t have to see you walk around all the time!”

Father Qi almost choked at those words out of his son’s mouth.

How could he have such an unruly child? Was infuriating his father his purpose in life?!

“Qi Yanxi, shut up!” An Xiaxia grumbled and explained on his behalf. “Uncle, he was hurt for a just cause! Sheng Yize, me, and another friend of mine can all attest to that!”

Attention drawn to him, Sheng Yize rubbed his nose and nodded.

At this turn of events, Father Qi fell silent.

Lu He then babbled on, trying to drive a wedge between father and son, but he heard none of it.

Staring at Qi Yanxi, the look on the middle-aged man’s face was indecipherable.

Was Qi Yanxi really defiant or did he simply hate him as his father?

He sighed inwardly and waved his hand. “Let’s go.”

Lu He was baffled. “Master… we…”

“Shut up! Go!” the old man said harshly. Lu He dared not make another sound and left reluctantly with Father Qi.

As soon as the unreasonable couple left, Qi Yanxi flicked his sleeves and left as well.

Papa An called after him, “Kiddo, come back here. Your wounds still need dressing!”

An Xiaxia watched him leave, feeling rather guilty.

Had it not been for her, Qi Yanxi wouldn’t have gotten hurt…

If he hadn’t been hurt, his parents wouldn’t have said all those harsh words…

At that thought, she gritted her teeth and ran after him, still holding the medkit.

“Qi Yanxi, wait up!”

As An Xiaxia ran out after Qi Yanxi, Sheng Yize’s face turned grim.

His fingers curled slowly until his fists were clenched.

That anonymous text message rang out in his head —

“Who’s the real ‘third person’? You think Qi Yanxi is in the way, but has it ever occurred to you that you’re in the way between Qi Yanxi and An Xiaxia?”