Chapter 314: I Don’t Need Your Pity (4)

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The attached photo was an A4 sheet of paper with a line of words printed on it.

“An Xiaxia has willingly become the personal belonging of Qi Yanxi.”

An Xiaxia’s signature was at the bottom of the page.

Sheng Yize would never mistaken her handwriting.

He knew perfectly well that it could all be a misunderstanding, but it still irritated him.

Narrowing his eyes, he quietly followed them out.

Qi Yanxi wandered around like a headless fly. Shortly afterwards, he walked into the snack street nearby.

An Xiaxia followed him doggedly with the medkit in her arms. However, she bit her lip and was hesitant to go up to him.

After all, he seemed to be in such a foul mood… Awww, he wouldn’t hit her, would he…

Qi Yanxi seemed to sense her. He paused all of a sudden and sat down at a stall.

The female shop owner greeted him enthusiastically. “Young man, what would you like?”

Qi Yanxi glanced at the menu and picked something at random. “A bowl of wonton… oh, make that two.”

“No problem!”

A short distance away, An Xiaxia saw that he had sat down and she summoned up her courage. She moved closer and sat down at his table.

Qi Yanxi looked at the girl, who looked like a frightened bird, and frowned. “Why are you following me?”

An Xiaxia shuddered and held on tighter to the medkit. Without knowing it, words slipped out of her mouth. “Don’t hit me…”

Qi Yanxi was dumbfounded. “Why would I do that?”

This idiot! He wasn’t that principled and would never go soft on girls if they messed with him. However, he would never do anything to An Xiaxia!

It pained him just to think about it.

An Xiaxia let out a breath of relief and asked gingerly, “Can I have a look at your wounds? You were hurt pretty bad… It may get infected or become worse. That’ll be quite painful…”

It just so happened that the shop owner brought them two bowls of steaming hot wonton at that moment. Qi Yanxi pushed one toward An Xiaxia and picked up a spoon himself.

“Hey… Qi Yanxi…” An Xiaxia couldn’t help but call out again. However, Qi Yanxi rolled his eyes at her and scolded, “Don’t talk with your mouth full.”


An Xiaxia watched in frustration as he finished his bowl of wonton. He then shook his leg in a swaggering manner and raised a thick eyebrow at her. “Why, you followed me all the way here just to bandage me up?”

An Xiaxia nodded sincerely.

The light in Qi Yanxi’s eyes dimmed a little, but his tone remained careless. “In that case, can I take it as a sign that you care about me?”

He regretted the words as soon as he said them.

Damn it. It would be so embarrassing if An Xiaxia denied it.

Screw it. Why couldn’t he hide anything from her?

Pink suffused An Xiaxia’s face. She nodded, then shook her head. “I do care about you. Isn’t it what classmates should do for each other… Plus, you were injured because you saved me… And your dad told you off for that. I’m so sorry that I put you through that…”

Her clear eyes were filled with concern. Qi Yanxi grimaced, a bitter taste in his mouth.

After all, he was just a classmate to her.

Fine, he could live with that.

Her love was an earnest one and his was so humble.

The more devoted she was to Sheng Yize, the more ridiculous his own efforts seemed in contrast.

He took a deep breath and said to An Xiaxia in the most serious tone, “Xiaxia, the last thing I need in the world is your pity.”

An Xiaxia grumbled, “I’m not pitying you… I really care about you!”

Qi Yanxi rubbed her hair. “Little Dummy Xia… You really are cuter when you’re dumber…”