Chapter 315: The Flat-Chested Is Always Right

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An Xiaxia was dejected. “Why does everyone call me a dummy? I’m not dumb. You people are too smart, that’s all. Haven’t you heard the saying? No contrast, no harm… I’m only dumb in contrast to all you people!”

Qi Yanxi thought her words over carefully and smiled. “Well, you have a point. The flat-chested is always right.”

“…” That was another critical hit.

She puffed up her cheeks and sniveled with grievance, which made Qi Yanxi feel rather sorry for her.

“Other than bandaging my wounds, don’t you have anything else to tell me?” He changed the subject.

“Huh?” An Xiaxia thought for a moment, then said, “Hm… If I have to tell you something, it’s this: Qi Yanxi, stop playing the tough guy. Have a good cry if you’re really sad, or go chop someone up in the game. You have to get it off your chest. Don’t keep it all to yourself. You can borrow my shoulder if you want to cry on it!”

The world seemed to turn its volume down after those words. Qi Yanxi stared at her with a blank face, and soon after smiled broadly. He sounded as scornful as ever. “Do I look like I need your shoulder? Tch, a man like me never cries!”

An Xiaxia rubbed her head and pondered. “You do have a point. Plus, I have a boyfriend now and you can’t have my shoulder! You can have Sheng Yize’s if you want.”

Qi Yanxi replied calmly, “Have you forgotten that the two of us are enemies!”

“Hoho… Is that so? You two look really cute when you fight and despise each other, but still help one another out.” The sweet smile on An Xiaxia’s face stirred something inside Qi Yanxi and before he realized it, he was holding An Xiaxia’s face in his hands.

He was still considering whether to kiss her or not when he saw that tall figure a short distance away out of the corner of his eye. He grimaced and abandoned the idea. Instead, he ruffled her black hair, snatched the medkit from her hands, and put a hand in his pocket. “I’m off. Bye.”

“Can you treat your wounds yourself?” An Xiaxia watched anxiously as he left, but Qi Yanxi never turned around. He waved his big hand, still facing away from her, and left.

An Xiaxia sighed. She never knew what was going on in that moody Qi Yanxi’s head.

Going back empty-handed, she felt a pair of eyes follow her the whole time. She glanced around and her heart skipped a beat.

A short distance away, the yellow light of the street lamp fell on a tall and handsome teenager. He wore a baseball cap and was looking at her with an indifferent face. His black pupils betrayed nothing, but there was a hint of anger in them.

An Xiaxia trotted over to him and looked up at him with a smile. “Sheng Yize, why are you here? There’re so many people around. We should go back now…”

With his status, he would surely cause a sensation if recognized, creating unnecessary problems.

She reached for his sleeve, but her wrist was caught in a grip halfway there!

Sheng Yize sounded irritated. “Xiaxia, do you know you’re my girlfriend now? Do you know you should keep your distance from other boys?”

An Xiaxia found him unreasonable. “He saved me and I only came out to give him medicine. We didn’t do anything! Sheng Yize, you can’t get jealous over everything!”

“Who told you I’m jealous?” Sheng Yize snorted like a tsundere. “I’m angry! Can’t you tell?”

“How can I if you don’t tell me? I can’t read your mind!”