Chapter 316: Don’t Flatter Yourself (1)

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“An Xiaxia!” Sheng Yize narrowed his eyes, emanating a dangerous air.

He had to admit, that message had indeed affected his mood.

“Is there anything between you and Qi Yanxi that I should know about?” he asked coldly.

The note she had signed before which said that she had “willingly become the personal belonging of Qi Yanxi” crossed An Xiaxia’s mind right away. She was dazed for a couple of seconds before she shook her head with a guilty conscience. “No…”

Sheng Yize would only get angrier if she told him about it…

Sheng Yize looked at her in silence. After knowing An Xiaxia for this long, he knew her little tells like the back of his hand.

When An Xiaxia told a lie, she wouldn’t meet his eye, her tone would turn softer, and she would divert and try to change the subject.

“Sheng Yize, let’s go home! The exams are coming. Are you nervous… hoho…” An Xiaxia tilted her head and asked him, which only caused him to misunderstand even more.

He threw her hand off and wouldn’t speak a word. His face was darker than the sky before a storm.

She was trying to change the subject…

She didn’t want him to find out…

Heh, but he already had.

Women were all sensitive. That move alone might be nothing, but together with Sheng Yize’s attitude, An Xiaxia realized something was wrong.

“Sheng Yize! What is going on with you?! Can’t you just tell me what’s happening here? I have no idea what you’re angry about. You’re so proud and private, you tell me nothing… I don’t have a clue at all. What do you want from me…” An Xiaxia grumbled. Tears began to well up in her eyes, but she fought them back.

Sheng Yize still wouldn’t talk to her.

Someone as proud as him naturally had a temper.

He doted on An Xiaxia and indulged her, but that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t get jealous!

He knew perfectly well how trivial it was, but in the end, he realized that there was still an insurmountable chasm between him and An Xiaxia.

Right now, he felt that their relationship couldn’t withstand any disturbance and would shatter at the slightest conflict!

“Sheng Yize… Tell me what I did wrong and I’ll apologize…” An Xiaxia tugged at his sleeve, buttering him up in her soft voice.

Sheng Yize’s heart melted a little. However, he was unable to make any sensible decisions and he replied, “You don’t know? Figure it out.”

Had it been any normal day, it would just be taken as random bickering between a couple. However, An Xiaxia found those words especially jarring today.

She lost her temper as well. “Forget it! I don’t want to know! Why am I the one apologizing all the time? Sheng Yize, you’re so weird today!”

She glared at Sheng Yize, who snorted back. “You’re a dummy and it’s my fault?”

“Yes! I’m dumb! I’m so dumb that I fell for you! And I did it willingly… I… I’m not talking to you!!” An Xiaxia stomped her foot and turned around to go home.

The streets were crowded with people. The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. Tears welled up in her eyes again and she began to cry.

She admitted that she was rather obtuse when feelings were involved, but Sheng Yize’s behavior was equally frustrating.

As it turned out, there was as much happiness as there was pain in a relationship.

The teenager walked behind her in silence. As she cried all the way back home, he also followed her all the way.

Arriving at home, the crying An Xiaxia just happened to run into An Yibei, who had just gotten back from overtime work. The overprotective brother adjusted his glasses and asked in a frighteningly cold voice, “Why are you crying? Who’s been bothering you? Tell me.”