Chapter 317: Don’t Flatter Yourself (2)

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Seeing her older brother, An Xiaxia felt like she had just found her patron. She poured out her grievances all at once.

“Brother… sob … Brother…” She burst into convulsive sobs and pointed at Sheng Yize behind her. “He’s there!”

“The phantom… of the opera?” An Yibei said with an expressionless face.

“…” An Xiaxia stopped crying right away, baffled by An Yibei’s dry humor.

Even Sheng Yize behind them couldn’t help but feel speechless.

Once An Xiaxia stopped crying, An Yibei said with disdain, “Xiaxia, do you think you can cry as beautifully as the actresses in Korean dramas? They never let their noses run when they shed tears. Do you have any idea how ugly you look now?”

An Xiaxia sniveled and asked piteously, “Do I look that bad? Sob …”

“Yes. Yes, you do.” An Yibei said decisively. Seeing that An Xiaxia was going to cry again at his harsh comment, he gave her a little push. “Go wash your face. I’ll — take it from here.”

An Xiaxia went upstairs, utterly dejected, while Sheng Yize and An Yibei remained where they were.

The cafe was closed for the night with only two lights on. The warm light fell on them, but it was not enough to overcome the chill they were both emanating.

“Sheng Yize, your lease is running out.” An Yibei adjusted his glasses with his long fingers and sneered.

Sheng Yize kept his silence and An Yibei went on, “It’s time you move out.”

Sheng Yize darted him a look. His thin lips moved and he replied with a single word. “Ok.”

“Good.” An Yibei turned around and went upstairs. He went to An Xiaxia’s room when he reached the second floor.

He didn’t hear any crying inside. Instead, there were only the cacophonous voices from some variety show.

Good, she was no longer crying.

As a big brother, that was all he could do for her.

He only hoped that An Xiaxia wouldn’t blame him when she found out.

It was soon time for the final exams.

Since they met, this was the longest that An Xiaxia and Sheng Yize gave each other the cold shoulder. Neither would talk to the other.

Driven by her grief, An Xiaxia was working hard on her revision these days. Her seat was next to Sheng Yize’s in the exam room.

Sheng Yize kept his poker face on during the exam, but laid his scantron sheet on the table once he finished. An Xiaxia could easily see his answers if she wanted to.

He didn’t want An Xiaxia to get bad grades.

However, An Xiaxia had decided to honor her integrity and didn’t copy his answers!

She finished all the questions on her own and was one of the last few students to hand in their papers.

Sheng Yize was among those people as well.

He had long completed all the questions and was only there to wait for An Xiaxia to finish.

Clearing his throat, he wanted to say something to break the ice. However, An Xiaxia ignored him completely and stomped past him.

Sheng Yize sighed. It was indeed his fault this time.

Sigh . Why was it so hard to apologize?

As he hesitated, his eyebrows knitted together.

He also had to tell An Xiaxia that he was moving out soon…

That woman probably wouldn’t care at all and might be delighted about it.

He smiled bitterly with resignation. Li Fanxing’s cloying voice came from behind him. “Yize, I see the Year 1 exams have finished as well.”

Sheng Yize greeted her with a nod and didn’t plan to continue this conversation. Li Fanxing, though, caught him by his sleeve like an old acquaintance. “Are you going back to the Sheng family home for the Spring Festival this year? I’m going to visit Grandma and Grandpa Sheng as well… I’ll see you there!”

Li Fanxing’s smile was perfect. However, Sheng Yize wasn’t buying it.

“Miss Li, please don’t flatter yourself.”