Chapter 319: He Moved Out (2)

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“Hmph, I’m not. Why should I be? Who are you? I don’t know you,” An Xiaxia grumbled.

Sheng Yize sighed and grabbed the coke from her hand. “Have one at room temperature. Cold drinks are bad for your health in winter.”

An Xiaxia glared at him with her bright black eyes. “Keep it!”

She stormed off and went back to her room. The vacation had begun after the exams and she had been sitting around at home doing nothing. The boredom was killing her.

Clicking open her favorite new show, she found she couldn’t keep her focus despite the interesting plot.

Sheng Yize, that bad, bad man…

She wrung her hands aggrievedly and enumerated his faults in her head.

He was the worst! Not only had he wronged her, he also wouldn’t apologize for his fault. And he had stopped talking to her and was so cold…

Anyway, it was all his fault!

Agitated, she grabbed a few stuffed animals from her bed and threw them around.

Thud —

Someone caught the toy bunny, which she had thrown at the door. Sheng Yize had just pushed the door open and caught the toy.

He rubbed his nose, thinking An Xiaxia had thrown it at him on purpose.

Sigh , he was really at the end of his rope with his angry little girlfriend.

“Xiaxia…” He called her name in a raspy voice and handed her the toy. “Don’t throw things around…”

“I like it. It’s none of your business.” An Xiaxia was still sulking.

Sheng Yize watched her quietly with his brooding black eyes and sighed after a moment.

He suddenly felt so helpless.

“Do you want to go get the transcript with me tomorrow?” he said softly, trying to make up. He thought he could use the opportunity to tell her that he was leaving.

An Xiaxia shook her head resolutely. Was he kidding? He was definitely first in the year and she wasn’t sure if she could get into the first 500. Getting the transcript together with him would be pure humiliation.

“I’m not going with you…” she said in a dejected tone. “I’m going to bed now. Go away!”

Sheng Yize kept his silence and only spoke after a long while. “Xiaxia…”

“Hm?” An Xiaxia looked at him expectantly, thinking he was going to apologize. However, he only rubbed her hair. “Don’t kick your duvet off at night.”

He left after that, still holding the stuffed animal.

An Xiaxia was at a loss. He left just like that? Damn you, you tsundere! You won’t apologize, is that it? I’m not talking to you!


The next day.

The weather was beautiful. The winter sun shone overhead, bringing warmth to this bleak season.

Qixia High’s campus was packed with students who had come to pick up their transcripts.

An Xiaxia had Kang Jian fetch hers while she went back to her classroom to get her things.

She had too many bits and bobs in her drawer to clean out right after the exams. She was going to take them all back home today.

When she put her books and other sundries into her school bag, she found a black wallet inside.

“Is this Sheng Yize’s?” she mumbled. Someone suddenly gritted their teeth beside her. “An Xiaxia, why do you have my wallet?”

She turned around and saw Qi Yanxi stare at her with a ferocious look on his face.

“I don’t know. Did you misplace it? I haven’t touched this since the exams started…” An Xiaxia looked at him with an innocent look. “Why are you so grumpy?”

“Hey, An Xiaxia, you didn’t steal it, did you?” Nangong Jing, the troublemaker interjected.

At his loud voice, many students began to dart suspicious looks at An Xiaxia.

“Seriously? I never knew An Xiaxia had this side to her…”