Chapter 32: An Xiaxia, Drop The Knife! (1)

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It was so painful that An Xiaxia broke out in a cold sweat.

She bit her lip fiercely and what was left of her self-esteem told her that she could never cry from pain and scream in front of these people!

“Tch, I actually thought there was something special about you. So, you’re just another specialized student.” Jian Xin’er’s scornful voice humiliated An Xiaxia even more.

That was correct, she was only a specialized student with poor grades.

And Qixia High School was the most famous elite high school in Yu City.

Those admitted were either heirs of various tycoons or offspring of some well-connected high-ranking officials. Apart from those, the rest of the students were the most exceptional specialized high school students in Yu City.

They accepted specialized students solely because the latter could improve their enrollment rate and win various awards for the school. In truth, the rest of the members of the school across all levels more or less looked down upon these specialized students.

However, being a specialized student alone wouldn’t have brought trouble to An Xiaxia.

What set it off was the fact that she had become Sheng Yize’s deskmate today!

“You people keep saying that you love your idols. What will they think of you if they know what kind of people you are?” An Xiaxia laughed ironically.

“Damn! I see you still have the strength to talk back, don’t you? Yiyi, slap her again!” Jian Xin’er instructed arrogantly.

Ding Yiyi smiled grimly and moved closer. An Xiaxia then took a deep breath and calmed down unexpectedly.

“Are you scared? Do you want to beg for mercy? What a pity, it’s too late!” Ding Yiyi said maliciously, then raised her chubby hand and brought it down toward An Xiaxia.

However, before she reached An Xiaxia’s face, she screamed in fright and stumbled back, even flopping down on the ground as a result!

All the girls looked at An Xiaxia in horror. Jian Xin’er, who was the closest to her, even screeched, “Ahh! An Xiaxia, what on earth are you doing?”

An Xiaxia kept her face expressionless at that moment and while her left hand was still under Jian Xin’er’s foot, she had taken out a shiny knife from her school bag!

This was an utility knife which Su Xiaomo used to sharpen her pencils. She was very forgetful and had left it in An Xiaxia’s bag.

These girls were just posers. The sight of a real blade — even when it was just a utility knife — was enough to drain their faces of all color!

“An Xiaxia, calm down! I’m telling you, I’m the only daughter of Jian Enterprise and the only heiress! Do anything to me and there will be consequences!” Jian Xin’er said with a trembling voice.

An Xiaxia sneered. “First, take your foot away; second, how can you inherit your enterprise when you’re dead?”

Jian Xin’er hastily moved her foot away from her hand and fled in a screaming panic. She immediately hid behind the others.

An Xiaxia stood up slowly with the knife in her hand and she couldn’t stop her fingers from trembling.

Both sides came to a deadlock.

An Xiaxia pinched her injured palm and the pain cleared her head.

She couldn’t fall down, neither could she concede. Otherwise, they would do all those things they had said earlier to her!

These so-called heiresses weren’t going to treat her as a human being. Even if they really beat her up and took nude photos of her, or even had her raped… The school would probably do nothing about it.

This world was never just about a happy and peaceful life.

Suddenly, a furious voice rang out. “An Xiaxia, drop the knife!”

All the girls jumped like frightened birds. They looked back in a flurry and were all dumbfounded.

An Xiaxia was shocked, too. She had never thought that Sheng Yize would show up here!