Chapter 320: He Moved Out (3)

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“Shit, I’m not leaving my wallet in the classroom from now on…”

“Tch, sticky fingers…”


There were immediately all kinds of talk and everyone was coming up with the meanest conjectures about An Xiaxia.

An Xiaxia’s cheeks flushed and she held the wallet in her hand, utterly baffled.

Qi Yanxi’s face darkened. He turned around and yelled, “Shut the f**k up! I forgot where I put it, that’s all. Mind your own goddamn business!”

A hush fell over the classroom right away. Everyone held their breaths for fear that the devil might lash out at them.

After saving An Xiaxia, Qi Yanxi took the wallet from her hand and mumbled, “I lost it for a while now… I thought it would never turn up…”

An Xiaxia frowned. “Qi Yanxi, I didn’t take it! I… hm…”

Before she could explain, Qi Yanxi squeezed her cheeks with his big hand.

“I never said you did.” He rolled his eyes at her in disdain. “I was just annoyed. My ID card and bank cards are in it. Do you have any idea how many cards I had to get reissued these days?”

“Hm… I’m innocent.” So stop squeezing my face already!

Qi Yanxi, on the other hand, loved what his fingers were feeling. This girl’s skin was so nice to touch!

He gave it another few pinches before sneering, “In that case, why didn’t you search your bag earlier? You could have found it already.”

“That’s such a lame excuse! It’s your own fault!” An Xiaxia smacked his hand away and looked disgruntled.

That hurt!

The two went on bickering for a while when An Xiaxia seemed to sense something and turned to look out the window.

The warm light landed on the teenager’s wide shoulders.

Sheng Yize wore a black coat and was watching the interaction between Qi Yanxi and An Xiaxia. Despite his calm face, there was noticeable displeasure in his eyes.

An Xiaxia tugged at the lower hem of her clothes. She could tell that he was angry…

Their eyes met through the window and Sheng Yize looked away a couple of seconds later. He then strode off.

An Xiaxia instinctively wanted to follow him, but Kang Jian, who had just come back with the transcripts, pounced on her. “Hahaha! Xiaxia, you’re number 250 in our year and the 22nd in our class. That’s remarkable! Together, that makes you ‘goofier than a real fool 1 !’”

An Xiaxia smiled broadly. “Worthless Kang, come here.”

“Yes?” He naively went over and got a head bump from An Xiaxia.

“Aaah! Is your skull made of iron?!”

“You blockhead! Don’t you run away! I’ll crack your head open!” An Xiaxia yelled and tried to bump him again.

An Xiaxia only remembered she was going to chase Sheng Yize after they finished wrangling.

However, Sheng Yize had long gone.

An Xiaxia had pretty good grades this time and Su Xiaomo’s were even better. She was fifth in Year 1. The two then fetched Kang Jian and went to have meat skewers to celebrate. When An Xiaxia finally got back home, it was almost 4PM.

The usually quiet coffee shop was bustling today. After a second look, she realized they weren’t customers, but staff from a moving company.

An Xiaxia was dumbfounded. What was going on?

Running up the stairs, she found An Yibei on the second floor, instructing the workers to move things out of the third floor. “… Yes, clean it out. Leave nothing behind.”

“Brother, what’s going on?”

Hearing her voice, An Yibei adjusted his glasses and said in an emotionless voice, “Nothing. I’m having everything of Starry Night’s moved out.”