Chapter 321: He Moved Out (4)

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Moving out?!

“What do you mean…” An Xiaxia bit her lip.

“I think that’s pretty self-explanatory. Didn’t I make it clear enough?” An Yibei sneered. “Their lease ran out and they moved out. Isn’t that the normal procedure?”

All the color drained from An Xiaxia’s delicate face.

Thinking back, Starry Night signed the lease last September… Spring Festival came later than usual this year and it was the end of February now… The half-year lease had indeed expired…

So? They left just like that? Without a word?

An Xiaxia ran up to the third floor, which was almost cleaned out. There were no signs that Starry Night had ever lived there at all.

She opened the door to Sheng Yize’s room and found it empty — so empty and quiet that it scared her.

She could never hear Sheng Yize’s mocking and his deep singing voice again. And all those beautiful memories… They were all her own now.

Somehow, An Xiaxia wanted to cry.

She felt so lonely, as if her chest was hollow. She pressed her hands against her chest and sat down on the floor.

Her eyes burned and she had to use all her might to stop her tears from falling.

When she wasn’t looking, An Yibei showed up behind her. He watched her in silence for a while and said, “Come downstairs.”

“Where is Sheng Yize?” An Xiaxia looked up and asked.

“He left after packing up his stuff this morning.”

“Where did he move to?” An Xiaxia was agitated.

An Yibei’s face betrayed no emotion. “I don’t know.”

“I… I’m calling him…” An Xiaxia fumbled around for her phone, but couldn’t find it anywhere. She was a mess and began to stumble down the stairs.

“What are you doing?” An Yibei grabbed her by her arm.

“I have to find him!” An Xiaxia said in a pitiful voice. “How could he leave like that… Not telling me anything… NO, I have to find him!”

Even if they had been fighting, he should have at least told her something as big as moving out.

“You don’t even know where he is. How are you going to find him?” An Yibei snorted. “You’re staying right here and not going anywhere!”

An Xiaxia was vexed. “But… I…” She wanted to ask Sheng Yize why he had to move out.

“There is no ‘but’!” An Yibei interrupted. “I told them to move out.”

An Xiaxia opened her eyes wide.

How could that be?!

“Xiaxia, I told you to stay away from him and you wouldn’t listen. You insisted on having him as your boyfriend, but have you stopped to think: since getting together, how many times have you cried? How often has he upset you? Was it all worth it? Are you happy in this relationship? I’m your older brother and I don’t want to see you trapped in it. If you won’t give him up, I’ll have him go away.”

The more distance between the two, the less feelings they would have for each other. It would be best if they could break up peacefully one day so that An Xiaxia wouldn’t be hurt.

An Xiaxia retorted, “But that’s for us to decide! Brother, I’m not a child anymore. Can you get off my back once in a while?”

“Who would care for you, then? I’m your big brother and you have to listen to me! Everything I’ve done is for your own good,” An Yibei said sternly.

He had been there. He never believed in love and was much more sensible and objective.

By all accounts, Sheng Yize wasn’t a good choice for An Xiaxia.

He didn’t want An Xiaxia to waste her time on such a boy.

“For my own good! You say that all the time! If it’s really for my own good, why did you decide for me before asking me?!”