Chapter 322: Can I Go to Your Place? (1)

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“For my own good! You say that all the time! If it’s really for my own good, why did you decide for me before asking me?!”

An Xiaxia couldn’t begin to understand why these grownups always found what they did justifiable.

“For your own good” were the most hurtful words!

An Yibei frowned. “An Xiaxia, I don’t want to fight with you. Before you earn your financial independence and leave this house, you will obey me!”

“You dictator! You’re wrong! Why do I have to listen to you?” An Xiaxia lost it. “Are you threatening me? Fine, I’m leaving now! You must be so happy that I’m leaving!”

An Yibei doted on her, but now, he was agitated as well. Instead of trying to stop her, he smiled coldly. “Go, then. If you step out this door, you’re never coming back!”

An Xiaxia had been a good girl since she was little. She didn’t even have a rebellious phase.

This was the biggest fight to ever happen between the siblings and it was over a boy!

An Yibei couldn’t even begin to describe how unhappy he was. He thought his words would scare An Xiaxia, but something unexpected happened, which took him by surprise. An Xiaxia seemed to make her decision. She took a deep breath, went downstairs, and left the house!

An Yibei clenched his fists. He trusted that An Xiaxia wouldn’t really run off!

Without any money, her phone, or food, she would come back like always in a few days!

She would run to Su Xiaomo’s for a couple of days at most.

He forced himself not to go after An Xiaxia, but consternation began to sweep over him…

An Xiaxia walked and followed the road. She only stopped about an hour later to catch her breath.

Looking around, she stood there in amazement.

She was in a completely unfamiliar neighborhood.

Before she knew it, she had lost her way.

She was doomed!

Searching her pockets, she only found less than a hundred yuan and no cell phone. Her head was in a muddle and she had no idea where to go.

Crestfallen, she sighed and was at a loss.

An old scrounger saw her like that and asked kindly, “Kid, shouldn’t you head back home at this late hour?”

An Xiaxia smiled bitterly. She had run away. There was no home to go back to.

She stood there a while longer and a few punks nearby fixed their eyes on her. They whistled at one another and approached An Xiaxia.

“Cutie, homeless, are we? I can show you a good time…” The leader of the group whistled and looked An Xiaxia up and down in a frivolous manner, his gaze lingering between her face and her chest.

That made An Xiaxia nervous. She hailed a taxi right away to get away from the gang.

The driver asked mildly, “Miss, where are you going?”

An Xiaxia was taken aback by the question. She twisted the lower hem of her clothes and asked nervously, “Uncle, may I borrow your phone?”

The look in her eyes was so innocent and the driver was a nice man himself. Hence, he lent her his phone without further questions.

An Xiaxia held the phone in her hand and bit her lip.

After some hesitation, she dialed Sheng Yize’s number.

The call soon went through. Sheng Yize’s pleasant, deep voice came from the other end. “Hello?”

An Xiaxia said gingerly, “Sheng Yize…”

“Yes? Xiaxia, is that you?” Sheng Yize recognized her voice right away and called her name.

Tears welled up in An Xiaxia’s eyes in that instant.