Chapter 323: Can I Go to Your Place? (2)

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She wasn’t usually sentimental like that. However, at that moment, a tumult of emotions overwhelmed her: grievance, frustration, grief, conflict… She felt like bursting into tears.

“Xiaxia, what’s wrong?” Sheng Yize frowned and asked again after getting no reply from her end.

An Xiaxia sniffled and fought back her tears. She then said timidly, “Sheng Yize, where did you move to? Can I have the address?”

Sheng Yize gave her the address without hesitation. He was still pondering how to explain to An Xiaxia about moving out, when the girl asked hesitantly, “Can I go to your place?”

Sheng Yize was surprised and didn’t reply right away. An Xiaxia asked gingerly again, “Can I?”

“Of course.”

“Ok… I’ll be there soon.” An Xiaxia hung up, gave the phone back to the driver, and told him the address.

The drive took her there in no time.

Sheng Yize was now living in a villa area in Yu City, where the landscape was beautiful and the surroundings were tranquil. Correspondingly, the housing prices here were shockingly high.

An Xiaxia walked around the villa area forever before she found Sheng Yize’s place. She rang the bell happily and soon after, the door opened, revealing Sheng Yize’s remarkably handsome face.

Sheng Yize was a little dazed at An Xiaxia’s sudden arrival.

The teenage girl’s cheeks were flushed from the cold, her disheveled hair hung down her forehead and her back, and she was still wearing her bunny slippers. She couldn’t have looked a more sorry sight.

However, the moment she saw him, her eyes lit up, reminding him of someone in the dark who had finally spotted a light of hope.

“Xiaxia…” he called her name in a low voice. An Xiaxia had already dived happily into his arms as she said lightheartedly, “Sheng Yize, I finally found you!”

Taxis weren’t allowed in the area and this place was huge. Her legs were falling off from all the walking.

Wait… wait a minute. She had been walking around for so long… She must be so filthy and ugly now…

She let go of Sheng Yize at that thought and backed away nervously. She then stared unblinkingly at Sheng Yize and wouldn’t say another word.

“What’s wrong?” Sheng Yize felt a hand tugging at his heart at the look on her face.

“I’ve walked a long way… My clothes are all dirty… I shouldn’t touch you…” An Xiaxia murmured. Looking down, she saw her bunny slippers were also covered in dirt. She hid one foot behind the other right away.

That made Sheng Yize feel even more sorry.

He reached out and wrapped An Xiaxia tight in his arms. He would never let her go again!

“You little fool! I won’t push you away!”

An Xiaxia’s nostrils were filled with his refreshing smell. Thinking back to her own disheveled state, she felt like crying again. “Sheng Yize… are you still mad at me?”

Sheng Yize held her by her waist and pulled her closer, snorting a little. “I am…”

After such prolonged silent treatment and with that temper of hers, of course he was mad!

An Xiaxia tugged at his shirt and looked up. “Can you stop being mad at me now…”

“You’re such a dummy… I can never stay angry at you. Now, tell me, why are you here? And what have you done to yourself…” Sheng Yize caressed her hair.

An Xiaxia darted her eyes this way and that, then said tentatively, “I can tell you, but promise you won’t throw me out…”

“I won’t.”

“I ran away from home!” An Xiaxia threw the bomb at him!

Sheng Yize frowned. “Ran away from home?”