Chapter 324: Can I Go to Your Place? (3)

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Five minutes later.

An Xiaxia held a glass of warm milk and sat on the sofa, where she was lectured by Sheng Yize as if she was a naughty child.

“I see you’ve grown a backbone, no? Running away from home? You could have been sold off by some human trafficker! Aren’t you a little too old for this… You’re incorrigible! And you didn’t even bring any money or your phone. You dumb little girl…” Sheng Yize excoriated her with a stern face, which only upset An Xiaxia further. Her head was almost buried in her chest and she grumbled in a mosquito-like hum, “If I knew you’d be this naggy, I would never have come to you in the first place…”

Sheng Yize had the sharpest ears and caught every word she said. He snapped, “Why, who else were you planning to go to, then? Qi Yanxi? Or that toy boy president of the student council…”

An Xiaxia pursed her lips with grievance.

Seeing her pitiful look, Sheng Yize’s heart softened again. He asked in a placid voice, “Why did you run away, then?”

“I had a row with my brother…”

“Over what?”

“He made you move out! He’s a bad man!” An Xiaxia said indignantly.

Sheng Yize couldn’t help but chuckle. “So, you ran away from home… because of me?”

An Xiaxia replied diffidently, “I didn’t… Don’t flatter yourself!”

She made a show of drinking her milk, but Sheng Yize crouched down and moved closer. “Xiaxia, let’s make up.”

An Xiaxia blushed and said stubbornly, “Because you said so? Why do you get to decide when to fight and when to make peace all the time?!”

Light flickered in Sheng Yize’s brooding eyes as he caressed her cheek. “It was all my fault and I apologize. Will you forgive me?”

“Hm…” An Xiaxia didn’t see that coming and looked rather awkward. After much stammering, she finally squeezed out a reply. “I – I’ll forgive you, then!”

The look on Sheng Yize’s face was so gentle now as he kept his unblinking gaze on his pretty little girlfriend.

He had thought a lot over the past few days, but ego had stopped him from giving in.

It was only now that he realized that nothing was comparable to An Xiaxia herself.

All this had happened because he had been making it difficult for himself.

Once that was sorted out, he gave An Xiaxia’s forehead a little kiss. “Xiaxia… Let’s not fight again. Deal?”

An Xiaxia took the opportunity to fight for her own rights. “You can’t shout at me again!”

“Hm… Alright. Although, shouldn’t we be doing something else now?” His smile looked rather wicked.

Taking the glass of milk away from her hand and putting it on the table, he threw himself at her and began to move his hands around her waist.

An Xiaxia’s eyes were wide open. What was going on here? Why had her affectionate idol turned into this thirsty wolf all of a sudden?

“Sheng Yize! You, you’re unbelievable!” Cheeks flushed, An Xiaxia tried to push Sheng Yize away with all her strength.

They had only just made up; shouldn’t they be pouring their hearts out with teary eyes now? Why was he all over her all of a sudden?

“Stay still. Feel free to scream your head off. No one can save you now.” Sheng Yize’s eyes were two little crescent moons and he reminded her so much of an old fox flicking its fluffy tail!

He flipped An Xiaxia over easily and held her down. He then blew on her delicate earlobe. “Do you know what this position is called?”

With him on top, her on the bottom and him over her back, quite a few explicit expressions flashed through An Xiaxia’s head right away.

OMG! Boss Yize, don’t act like this! Behave yourself!