Chapter 325: Can I Go to Your Place? (4)

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Seeing the scarlet red skin behind her ears, Sheng Yize smiled even more broadly. However, he only raised his big hand.

Two brisk slaps landed on An Xiaxia’s buttocks.

An Xiaxia was baffled. What? Had Sheng Yize just hit her again?

“You hit me…” An Xiaxia accused him with grievance, threatening to burst into tears.

Sob … Why did he do this all the time…

Sheng Yize snorted. “You ran away from home; this is the punishment you deserve!”

“But I did it for you!” An Xiaxia cried. “Sheng Yize, you ungrateful bastard!”

The biggest bastard in the whole universe!

Sheng Yize paused and lowered his voice. “Did it hurt?”

Had he put too much strength in it?

“It did!” An Xiaxia nodded. However, she regretted that reply immediately.

Because… Sheng Yize actually rubbed her buttocks and said apologetically, “I’ll be gentler next time.”

Damn it! It was shameful enough to be spanked like a little kid by her boyfriend and he was talking about next time? That was unbelievable!

“You’re actually planning to do it again…” An Xiaxia was flabbergasted.

Sheng Yize smiled brightly. “Well, since you won’t behave yourself, I have to discipline you this way. Or, what other method do you suggest?”

An Xiaxia almost had a stroke. “Are you asking me to propose my own punishment?”

“Yes. What’s wrong with that?” Sheng Yize’s demeanor remained gentlemanly; it was just that his hands were still rubbing her buttocks…

Somehow, she felt what he was doing… was rather wrong…

“Is there anything right about that?! And, stop rubbing already…” An Xiaxia raised a hand to push his away. Sheng Yize smiled and let go of her. He savored her flushed cheeks and the bashful look on her face, feeling his heart melt.

This was the person he liked and whom he wanted to protect. She was the last person in this world that he would let down.

It pained him as much as her when they had a fight.

However, when they made up, all the bitterness turned into happiness tenfold, making him never want to let go of her.

“Go take a shower,” he chuckled and said casually, which was a stark contrast to An Xiaxia’s anxious and bashful state…

An Xiaxia fled to the bathroom, covering her face shyly. She turned the shower on and water rained down. After washing her face, she could still feel the heat coming off her cheeks…

Halfway through her shower, there was a knock at the door, which scared An Xiaxia out of her wits.

“Xiaxia.” It was Sheng Yize.

An Xiaxia asked in a shaky voice, “Wh – what… what do you want… I’m telling you, I’m not opening this door!”

Sheng Yize was speechless outside.

What on earth was this woman thinking about all the time?

Did she take him for some animal that would take advantage of her when she was vulnerable?

“I brought you some clothes. They’re in the basket right outside the door.” After that succinct explanation, Sheng Yize’s footsteps died away into the distance.

An Xiaxia let out a breath of relief. She quickly finished her shower, opened the door a crack, and took the clothes.

They were a pair of man’s blue-and-gray checked pyjamas and… underwear?

Holy crap. Why did he have women’s underwear in the house?!

An Xiaxia stood there in shock.

“Xiaxia, are you done?” Sheng Yize called out in the living room.

He frowned. She was inside for so long that he thought something had happened to her.

He went up to the bathroom door and gave it a knock. “Are you alright in there?”

An Xiaxia was still in her astonished state.

“I’m coming in.” Concerned, Sheng Yize turned the doorknob and pushed the door open.