Chapter 327: Is She the One You’re Going to Marry?

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An Xiaxia was astonished. Mr. Idol, can you be any more shameless?!

How can you take a sick person’s candy?!

With the bitter taste in her mouth, An Xiaxia hopped around in misery. Sheng Yize, however, remained calm as ever. With no other choice, An Xiaxia gritted her teeth and pounced on Sheng Yize.

However, she had put too much strength in it and she knocked Sheng Yize over. The momentum then brought them both down from the sofa.

Sheng Yize made himself the human buffer and fell right on the floor. Wrapped in his arms, An Xiaxia didn’t get so much as a bump.

However, An Xiaxia couldn’t care less about where they were now. Grabbing him by his neck, she found his mouth and pressed her lips down.

Their tongues met and she hesitated a little before going for the candy in his mouth…

Sheng Yize hadn’t expected her to be this… passionate… For a moment, he didn’t know how to react.

The girl’s body rubbed against his, which got him “excited.” His face darkened a little and he lowered his pitch. “Xiaxia! Stop squirming around!”

An Xiaxia took the opportunity to steal the candy out of his mouth. She then sat up and chewed it with satisfaction.

“Teehee!” An Xiaxia smacked her lips, looking very content.

After tussling around, her pajamas were all disheveled, revealing her fair and smooth skin. The innocent smile on her face only aroused Sheng Yize even more…

Before she knew it, she was under Sheng Yize again. His domineering kiss then followed…

“Hm…” An Xiaxia struggled, but she was no match for Sheng Yize’s strength and could only succumb to his passion…

The taste of the toffee filled their mouths, making this long kiss sweeter than ever…

An Xiaxia felt like a fish out of water and fought to catch her breath. Her head was in a muddle and she even began to respond to Sheng Yize’s kiss.

Just then, a child’s voice interrupted them. “Hey, are you two ever going to finish?!”

What? There was someone else in the house?

An Xiaxia came back to herself right away and blinked. Sheng Yize stopped what he was doing, narrowed his eyes, and looked up.

Aaah! There really was someone else here!

An Xiaxia bit her lip and was flustered.

Sheng Yize stroked her soft hair to calm her down. He then rearranged her clothes and sat her back down on the sofa.

An Xiaxia looked toward the door; a boy six or seven years old was standing there. He was lovely and good-looking, but had the most cocky manner. “It’s broad daylight. Behave yourselves, will you?”

An Xiaxia was speechless. This was so embarrassing, to be reprimanded by a kid.

Sheng Yize didn’t look affected at all and said casually, “This is An Xiaxia. Say hello to your big sister.”

The little boy darted a look at An Xiaxia and raised his chin like a tsundere. “No way.”

Sheng Yize frowned. “Really?”

Intimidated by his tone, the little boy stood straight and greeted An Xiaxia in his clear voice. “Nice to meet you, Sister Xiaxia!”

“Nice to meet you…”

“He’s my cousin, Sheng Zhichen. Just call him Dearie Sheng.” Sheng Yize made the introductions. “His parents are abroad for a project and there’s no one to look after him at home, so they sent him here to stay with me for a few days.”

An Xiaxia nodded, but was embarrassed again at the thought of being witnessed kissing Sheng Yize.

Dearie Sheng pursed his lips with disdain. “Brother, your taste is terrible… Is she the one you’re going to marry?”