Chapter 330: Let’s Sleep Together (2)

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“I’m not blushing… This is nothing. It’s not like we haven’t been in the same bed before…” An Xiaxia said in a low voice, her big black eyes filled with panic, which only made Sheng Yize want to tease her more.

“Are you sure about that… In that case, shouldn’t we make out and do some other unspeakable things?” Sheng Yize asked in a serious tone.

An Xiaxia shrieked, “Go away, Sheng Yize! I never thought you were this sort of person… I – I wanna go home…”

She struggled and tried to get out of bed. However, the big hands around her waist pinned her in his arms; she was going nowhere.

“You ran away from home and you’re going back now? That’s not very committed.” Sheng Yize found her hilarious.

An Xiaxia was even more upset.

That was right. She had stormed off like that. How could she beg her way back? That would be so humiliating!

Sheng Yize changed his position and let An Xiaxia rest on his arm. His kiss then landed on her forehead, her eyes, her cheeks, her lips… and seemed to head down after that.

An Xiaxia shifted uneasily, grumbling, “Stop kissing me… I need to sleep!”

“Go ahead. Don’t mind me,” replied the fellow casually.

An Xiaxia thought, “… How can I fall asleep with you kissing around like that!”

After a few soft kisses, Sheng Yize suddenly bit her neck. When An Xiaxia cried out in surprise, he eased up and sucked her skin with just the right amount of strength. Soon, there was a little pink mark.

An Xiaxia said shyly, “Don’t… other people will see it…”

Sheng Yize narrowed his eyes and replied with a drawled “oh.” His smile was rather crooked now. “You’re afraid others might see it? So, it’s ok if I kiss you in places other people can’t see, then?”

An Xiaxia was dumbfounded for a moment, unable to fully understand his reasoning. However, Sheng Yize was already in action and began to leave his marks everywhere else…

Mr. Idol, please have mercy!

Sheng Yize only let go of An Xiaxia after her strong protest. However, hickeys had been left on her shoulders and above her chest… She looked like a blooming plum tree now.

Satisfied, Sheng Yize wrapped his arms around her and looked sated. He even deigned to announce, “You can sleep now.”

“All you can do is take advantage of me… Just wait. One day, I’ll get back at you…” An Xiaxia lowered her voice and vowed while clenching her fists.

Hmph! She would bob up again like a cork one day!

She thought Sheng Yize had missed it, but a smile crept onto his face. After she fell asleep, he whispered, “I can’t wait.”

He was rather looking forward to seeing the little women “take advantage” of him…

Having made up with An Xiaxia and played lovey-dovey with the girl, Sheng Yize was in a great mood.

However, that was ruined by An Xiaxia in the middle of the night.

He was sound asleep when someone kicked him hard, which took him by surprise. Before he realized it, he was on the floor!

Face dark, he crawled back to his feet and gritted his teeth at the little dummy sprawled all over the bed.

His own girlfriend had just kicked him out of bed! Had this ever happened to anyone else?!

He climbed back into bed and was going to teach her a lesson when she raised her leg again.



Climbing back in a second time with frustration, Sheng Yize caught all four of her limbs and locked her tight between his arms and legs. Only then did An Xiaxia stay put.

Looking at her by the moonlight coming in through the window, he snorted.

You little woman. You’ll pay for this!