Chapter 331: Do You Think I’m as Dumb as You?

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The night passed without incident.

The next day.

An Xiaxia washed her face and went to breakfast with her palms pressed against her sore waist muscles.

Dearie Sheng jeered at her. “Haha! Ugly Xiaxia and her aging limbs! Do you have back pain now? Take your melatonin!”

Such a blow at such an early hour almost gave An Xiaxia a stroke. “Are you calling me old? Plus, melatonin isn’t even for back pain!”

“So, you know that.” Dearie Sheng rolled his eyes. “I see you’re not completely stupid.”

An Xiaxia: “…”

Forget it. He was just an annoying kid!

Eating her breakfast while still seething with anger, she felt as if all her bones had been shaken loose and every muscle was screaming in pain.

The culprit sat there calmly eating his food, looking completely innocent.

An Xiaxia poured out her heart as she ate. “I had the strangest dream last night. A monster was hitting me constantly, so I kicked it into outer space… Guess what happened after that? It came back! So I kicked it away again!”

At her lively description, Sheng Yize’s face darkened.

Damn it. So that was what the two kicks last night had been about; she had taken him for the little monster!

“Hmph…” Dearie Sheng snorted like a tsundere, but he couldn’t help darting an expectant look at An Xiaxia, apparently waiting for her to go on.

An Xiaxia took a bite of her toast and continued, “After that, I was knocked over by the monster… Sob , it just kept hitting me. I was badly injured and lost the fight… I thought it was all just a dream, but I have sore muscles all over my body this morning…”

“That’s because you’re stupid! My brother would have definitely defeated the monster!” Dearie Sheng bragged.

Sheng Yize kept his silence for a moment before saying, “Don’t talk with your mouth full or while you’re sleeping.”

The two minions hushed up right away and obediently went back to their food.

After breakfast, An Xiaxia went to change her clothes. When she took off her pajamas, she saw that she was covered in bruises!

She put on some clothes in a hurry and went to whine at Sheng Yize. “Sheng Yize, look, I’m actually injured…”

Sheng Yize glanced at the marks on her arms and cleared his throat. “Do they hurt?”

“They don’t… That’s weird…” An Xiaxia muttered. “Am I seeing things?”

She looked down at herself again and realized with surprise that something didn’t add up…

Why did these marks look so similar to the hickeys Sheng Yize left on her last night…

Shit! They weren’t similar! They were hickeys! It was just that he had put more strength into these so the color of the marks was darker!

“Sheng Yize! You bastard! You actually took advantage of me while I was asleep!” An Xiaxia’s roar could have lifted the roof.

Sheng Yize replied casually, “How about I give you a chance to get back at me?”

“Go away!!”

What made An Xiaxia despair wasn’t what Sheng Yize had done to her in the middle of the night… but her down-to-earth big brother An Yibei!

The pragmatist had brought her winter holiday homework along with everything else!

Bye bye to her fantasy of spending a carefree winter vacation at Sheng Yize’s, eating and drinking her time away. Instead, she was chained to her desk by all the homework.

She bit the end of her pen and darted a look at Dearie Sheng, who was sitting next to her and doing his own homework.

A moment later, he stopped writing and knitted his eyebrows. He seemed to be stumped by a tough question.

An Xiaxia decided to impress him. She moved closer and said in a swaggering tone, “That’s an easy one. Distance equals speed multiplied by time. Substitute the numbers, do the multiplication, and you’ll get the correct answer!”

Dearie Sheng snorted arrogantly. “Do you think I’m as dumb as you?”