Chapter 332: Sheng Yize, Hug Me (1)

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An Xiaxia almost choked. “Dearie Sheng, you’re as sarcastic as your brother!”

“I’m only telling the truth. Are you not?” Dearie Sheng asked with a straight face as he crossed his arms.

“I… I admit I’m not as smart as your brother, but I can’t be worse than you!”

“Oh, in that case, solve this for me, please.” Dearie Sheng pushed an exercise book toward her. It was next to the one An Xiaxia had read from just then.

An Xiaxia picked it up confidently. Dearie Sheng was only a second-year primary school student. His homework should be a piece of cake for her, right?

However, she was dumbfounded when she saw the cover of the exercise book.

It read, “A Selection of Mathematical Olympiad Questions for Primary and Middle School Students.”

Mathematical Olympiad…

Mathematical Olympiad…

Mathematical Olympiad!!

Shit. Maths was her worst subject. She could probably handle the problems in the textbook, but Mathematical Olympiad was a completely different story!

The smile froze on her face as she flipped through the pages. She knew all the words and could recognize most of the formulas, but as for how to solve them… Bah! Who was she kidding!

“Sorry… I don’t know how to solve these…” An Xiaxia sighed and looked at Dearie Sheng apologetically.

Dearie Sheng’s lovely chubby face flushed under her gaze. He remained poised as he snatched the exercise book back. “Hmph! I knew it!”

He read the question again as he sneered at An Xiaxia. After some thought, he began to solve the problem, while An Xiaxia watched him in admiration.

Wow, the Sheng family indeed has great genes. I’m so envious…

An idea kept nagging at Dearie Sheng as he wrote. “Actually, Ugly Xiaxia isn’t all that ugly… She’s quite pretty… But, she took my big brother away! She has to be ugly!”

Starry Night Studio had only just been set up and they were beginning to make more public appearances. Sheng Yize had been quite busy these past few days. He would usually leave early in the morning and only come back after dark.

Once he returned home, he fed the two dummies before checking their homework.

He checked Dearie Sheng’s first. Well, not only were the answers pretty accurate, he had even exceeded his quota.

As for An Xiaxia… Heh, she wrote like, two pages.

And her accuracy rate… Heh…

“Brother, see? I told you Xiaxia is so dumb! And she’s super lazy! She did nothing but play games, watch cartoons, and check her social media account… She was drooling over that new advertisement of yours, too!” Dearie Sheng rushed up to Sheng Yize’s side like a meatball and told on An Xiaxia.

“I see…” Sheng Yize drawled knowingly, which gave An Xiaxia the jitters.

“Brother, punish her!” shouted Dearie Sheng.

“Dearie Sheng! You traitor!” An Xiaxia jumped to her feet anxiously.

“Be a good boy and go back to bed. I’ll slowly settle accounts with her…” Sheng Yize rubbed Dearie Sheng’s head. The kid made a face at An Xiaxia and ran back to his bedroom, gloating at his triumph.

The living room quieted down as soon as Dearie Sheng left.

“Come here,” said Sheng Yize indifferently.

That was the last thing in the world An Xiaxia would do. Was he kidding? She would probably get beaten up if she followed that order!

She wasn’t planning to get spanked again! That was humiliating!

“I’ll be more diligent tomorrow…” she pleaded.

Sheng Yize wouldn’t be moved and repeated, “Come here.”

An Xiaxia shook her head decisively and bolted!


She got to the bedroom first and locked Sheng Yize out!

However, she had forgotten one thing… This was Sheng Yize’s house and he had the key…

Hence, Dummy Xia was pinned down on the bed again.

“Tell me, do you see your mistake now?”