Chapter 333: Sheng Yize, Hug Me (2)

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“I do, I do…” An Xiaxia admitted her fault right away and played the weakling. “Sheng Yize, why can’t I leave the winter holiday homework till later?”

Sheng Yize saw through her right away. “Leave it until the last day and copy from someone else?”

“Yes! Can I copy yours?” An Xiaxia’s eyes twinkled.


An Xiaxia kicked him in frustration. “And you call yourself my boyfriend!”

“It’s for your own good.” Sheng Yize was speechless. “You’re my girlfriend, of course I have to be responsible for you.”

An Xiaxia said in her head: All I want is to have fun… and a carefree winter vacation! Aaah!

She was still lost in her thoughts when Sheng Yize came back with her homework. He then sat her down on his lap and handed her a pen. His face was expressionless. “Do it now.”

An Xiaxia was shocked. “It’s after 10PM now!”

“I know. You can go to bed after you finish.” That would make her think twice before she procrastinated again.

“… But why do we have to sit together like this?” His warm and firm chest was behind her and she was sitting on his legs. The whole setup simply looked so wrong!

She could feel his breath behind her ear, which made her shiver.

“Because this is the only way to make you finish your homework.” Sheng Yize knew her too well and he was sure An Xiaxia would do as told.

Cheeks flushing and heart racing, An Xiaxia sped up and finished several pages in a row. Only then did Sheng Yize let go of her.

After washing up, An Xiaxia lay in bed satisfied, not planning to move a muscle. However, Sheng Yize soon sat her up again.

“I have an advertisement to shoot tomorrow. Do you want to come with me?” he whispered.

An Xiaxia snuggled up to him. “What advertisement?”

“It’s this chocolate brand.”

“Yes! Yes, I’m going!” An Xiaxia nodded repeatedly. “Take me! Take me with you!”

Sheng Yize chuckled. He knew it.

“Hm… Let’s see how badly you want to go, then…” He let his words trail off.

An Xiaxia nibbled on her fingers. How badly?

Sheng Yize recalled how she would ask for pocket money from An Yibei. She would either butter him up and put on a pitiful act, or cry and nag until she got what she wanted.

She blinked her clear and bright eyes and tugged at Sheng Yize’s sleeve. “Sheng Yize, hug me!”

Sheng Yize didn’t even blink. Seeing this, An Xiaxia took the initiative to give him a lovely hug, wrapping herself around him like a koala bear.

The light in Sheng Yize’s eyes flickered a little before he regained his poise. He then acknowledged her move with a lazy “hm.”

Did it not work? An Xiaxia was frustrated and launched her killing move. “Kiss kiss!”

She pouted at Sheng Yize, who smiled, but still didn’t move.

An Xiaxia moved closer and kissed him on the corner of his mouth. She was so shy that her face turned pink.

Seeing his coy little girlfriend, Sheng Yize could only think of one thing.

So lovely…

How could his Xiaxia be so lovely…

However, he was still looking forward to seeing what else An Xiaxia would do to fawn over him.

But reality turned out to be much crueler than his fantasy —

After getting no reaction from him, An Xiaxia tore off his pajama pants and announced like a pirate, “Sheng Yize! You’re not getting your pants back unless you take me with you!”

Sheng Yize: …!! Was she taking advantage of him now?

An Xiaxia held onto his pants. She had figured out what she would do next. If he tried to take them back by force, she would roll around shamelessly and forget all about decency.

No, you’re not getting them back! No way!


Sheng Yize couldn’t help but chuckle, then teased her in return. “Taking my pajama pants won’t get you anywhere. If you like my pants so much, how about you take these as well?”