Chapter 334: His Girl Has Shown Up (1)

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“Aaah —” An Xiaxia screamed. “You rascal! You animal! You dog!”

Sheng Yize was speechless. “You rip my pants off and I’m the animal?”

An Xiaxia blushed and threw the pants back at Sheng Yize in frustration.

Sheng Yize teased her, “You don’t want them anymore?”

“Hm… So are you taking me or not…” An Xiaxia whined grumpily.

“Did I say I wouldn’t be taking you?” Sheng Yize’s smile was mesmerizing.

An Xiaxia opened her black eyes wide. So he had already decided to take her and all that was just to make fun of her?

You scoundrel!

She gave Sheng Yize a few punches with her small fists, then crawled under the duvet and pulled it over her head.

Sheng Yize smiled and lay down beside her.

Good night. Sweet dreams.

The next day, Sheng Yize took An Xiaxia and Dearie Sheng together with him to the studio where the ad was going to be shot.

Dearie Sheng successfully aroused the mothering instincts of all the female staff there as they gathered around the kid.

“Such a cute kid. What’s your name?”

“Are you hungry? Come with your big sister, I’ll get you some snacks.”

“Enough with big sister, you’re old enough to be his mother!”

“There, let’s hear you call me big sister…”


Dearie Sheng frowned, grabbed Sheng Yize by his sleeve, and wouldn’t let go of his leg.

Sheng Yize rubbed his head. “Go with Sister Xiaxia. I have work to do.”

Dearie Sheng gave him a reluctant look and pursed his lips when he realized that the request wasn’t negotiable. He went up to An Xiaxia and took her hand voluntarily.

An Xiaxia took him to sit down on the side, where they ate chocolate and watched Sheng Yize shoot the ad.

The plot was pretty straightforward. Sheng Yize met a girl, who took a love letter out of a drawer and gave it to him. He smiled at her and gave her a bar of chocolate. The girl then split the chocolate in two and they ate it together.

Despite the simple plot, the actual shoot baffled An Xiaxia and Dearie Sheng.

The move didn’t look right — it was a retake.

The detail wasn’t right — it was a retake again.

All in all, there were so many retakes!

An Xiaxia watched as Sheng Yize ate at least a dozen pieces of chocolate. He didn’t let it show, but it couldn’t be a pleasant feeling.

When it was finally done, some reporters came over to interview him.

“Can you tell us about your new plans after setting up your own studio? When are you going to release your new album?”

“Does Captain Yize have plans to star in any TV series any time soon?”

“Is Starry Night going to take part in Lemon Channel’s New Year Gala?”

There were so many questions, but Sheng Yize gave few replies. Sis Ke handled most of them for him.

“Captain Yize has never done a food advertisement before. Why this chocolate brand now?”

He answered that question himself.

“Because my girlfriend likes this brand.” He smiled.

The reporters erupted and shot more aggressive questions at him after that.

He only smiled and didn’t answer any of them.

Over on the side, An Xiaxia felt her cheeks burn.

She indeed liked this chocolate brand…

She never expected Sheng Yize to take the ad for that reason…

This man really was…

She was still immersed in this wonderful feeling when a jarring female voice interrupted her thoughts —

“An Xiaxia, you can’t possibly believe you’ll have any future with Sheng Yize, can you?”

An Xiaxia frowned and turned around. Li Fanxing stood there in her high heels and looked down at her with disdain.