Chapter 335: His Girl Has Shown Up (2)

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An Xiaxia chuckled. “Senior, I think the two of us will decide whether or not we have a future, not you. Do you have nothing better to do these days? I see you just love to stick your nose into other people’s business.”

“You!” Li Fanxing was rendered speechless. She had been humiliated by Sheng Yize the other day. Little did she expect to be taunted by An Xiaxia!

She was here today for a shampoo ad and thought she could cotton up to Sheng Yize after she was told that he was around as well. She then heard that answer which Sheng Yize had given.

He had never taken a food ad before. Yet now, he had broken his own rule just because An Xiaxia liked to eat it.

It went without saying how important An Xiaxia was to him.

Li Fanxing didn’t dare provoke Sheng Yize and thought she could pick on An Xiaxia instead.

The other day, she had found Qi Yanxi’s wallet in the piano room, which had that piece of paper inside that said “An Xiaxia has willingly become the personal belonging of QI Yanxi.” She had taken a photo of it and sent it to Sheng Yize together with some words that would make him take it the wrong way. She had hoped it would cause the couple to become estranged.

According to Li Canxing, the two didn’t even speak to each other at school and she thought her scheme had worked. As it turned out, the two had made up already!

How could she live with that!

“An Xiaxia, I see you have a sharp tongue, but how far do you think that’ll take you? Have you met Sheng Yize’s family yet? Do you think they’ll accept you? He’s up there and you’re down here. I think you know what ‘A toad longing for a swan’ means. I’ve always known you were shameless, but I’m only realizing now how thick-skinned you are.” Li Fanxing lashed out, which was completely unlike her usual genteel self.

Needless to say, this was her true self. All the previous gentleness and demureness had been just for show!

An Xiaxia rolled her eyes at her. “That was some speech. I only have one thing to tell you.”

Li Fanxing raised her chin proudly. Hmph, the girl must have been intimidated.

An Xiaxia replied unhurriedly, “Mind. Your. Own. Business!”

Li Fanxing’s face turned livid.

“I have no idea what love means to you. Is family background all that important? Isn’t how the two feel about each other the most important thing in a relationship? According to you, you only like Sheng Yize for his family. So, are you going to dump him if he goes bankrupt? Will you not even look at a man who truly loves you if he’s poor?

“I really think you’re such a superficial person!” An Xiaxia was right to the point. “Li Fanxing, stay out of my way! I’ll move you if you don’t move yourself! We’ll break up if we find we’re not right for each other and we’ll stay together as long as we’re in love. You really don’t have a say in this relationship at all!”

Li Fanxing gritted her teeth and glared at her.

One had to admit, thanks to An Yibei’s influence and her picking fights online, An Xiaxia actually seldom lost any squabble.

Before, she didn’t want to fight with others and preferred to stay out of trouble, but that didn’t mean she was afraid of Li Fanxing! Nor did it mean that she was no match for the woman!

While Li Fanxing glared at An Xiaxia, An Xiaxia rolled her eyes back at her. The two were at loggerheads and one could almost smell the gunpowder in the air.

All of a sudden, Li Fanxing’s face lit up and she grinned.

The smile had an enchanting quality to it.

“There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you.” Li Fanxing’s voice was filled with delight at An Xiaxia’s misfortune. “Do you know why Sheng Yize showed up at Qixia in the first place? Do you think it was all just a coincidence that a national idol and the heir to the Sheng family would come to Qixia all of a sudden?”

An Xiaxia’s heart sank.

She had had the same doubts all along.

The arrival of Starry Night was simply too out of the blue.

Why would such a famous group come to a common high school?

Unless they were here for a purpose.

Exactly why was Sheng Yize here?

“Sheng Yize had this childhood sweetheart that he was in love with. Unfortunately, there was an accident one day and the young sweetheart saved him while she fell victim to the accident. The two of them were separated ever since. That is to say, not only did Sheng Yize like the girl, he owes her a debt! He was at Qixia to look for that girl!” Li Fanxing snickered. “The thing I wanted to tell you is: that girl has shown up.”

An Xiaxia bit her lip. She knew she shouldn’t trust Li Fanxing, but her words were like a spell that sucked her in.

“Who is… that girl…”