Chapter 336: His Girl Has Shown Up (3)

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Li Fanxing looked her up and down maliciously. “Are you so full of yourself that you think the girl is you? Heh… An Xiaxia, your luck is running out! Leave him now, or everyone will be embarrassed when that girl shows up!”

An Xiaxia’s heart kept sinking as she was swept up in anxiety…

“Xiaxia.” A soft voice interrupted their conversation.

The look on Li Fanxing’s face changed. She put on her gentle and appropriate smile again, turned around, and greeted Sheng Yize, who was striding toward them. “Yize, it’s been a while.”

Sheng Yize darted her a cold glance, almost impressed by Li Fanxing’s acting.

He had made it clear enough last time, but Li Fanxing didn’t seem to mind at all. She was actually smiling at him.

“Are you hurt?” he asked in a low voice as he went up to An Xiaxia.

He would hunt Li Fanxing down if she had harmed An Xiaxia in any way!

An Xiaxia forced out a smile and shook her head, indicating that she was fine.

“Good. Come, we should go back now. There’s a party tonight.” Sheng Yize took her soft hand and took her away, paying no further attention to Li Fanxing.

Li Fanxing remained where she was. A strange smile crept onto her face…

The party Sheng Yize was talking about had been Chi Yuanfeng’s idea.

Neither Chi Yuanfeng nor He Jiayu were from Yu City. Since the studio didn’t have much work recently, the two of them decided to take some time off and go back to their hometowns. Chi Yuanfeng, who had always loved noise and excitement, had suggested that they should throw a party and invite all their close friends.

Sheng Yize drove the car himself and took An Xiaxia to a karaoke pub.

Chi Yuanfeng and the others had booked a private room beforehand. When Sheng Yize led An Xiaxia and Dearie Sheng into the room, the party inside looked like a riotous revelry. No one looked like their usual selves.

Right now, Kang Jian was singing a duet with Chi Yuanfeng, which was a song about a boat tracker and his lover. The two were completely swept along by the song and looked very devoted.

Su Xiaomo sat in a corner, staying as far away from He Jiayu as possible.

Another few classmates were dancing and drinking while making a lot of noise.

Seeing that the couple had brought a kid with them, the crowd jeered. “Why, that was fast! You two made a baby already, haha! Captain Yize has really been working hard!”

Dearie Sheng snorted. “I’m not their baby! I’m Sheng Yize’s little brother!”

However, the others were having fun and ignored his protests.

Dearie Sheng sat down on the sofa in frustration and decided not to talk to any of them.

After he sat down, there was only one seat left. The crowd kicked up a fuss right away. “There, do sit down, Captain Yize. As for Xiaxia, well, you’re a dependent, so his lap is all yours!”

“That’s right! The lap!”

“Why? There’s a penalty of three shots if you don’t sit!”

“So, what’s it gonna be? I’m pouring the drinks already!”

Everyone chimed in, looking forward to seeing their reactions.