Chapter 337: His Girl Has Shown Up (4)

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Sheng Yize smiled mildly while An Xiaxia was abashed. She wouldn’t sit down no matter what.

The shyer she was, the louder the teasing.

Sheng Yize squeezed her hand to calm her down.

He then sat down on the sofa and casually guided An Xiaxia close. She sat down right on his lap.


“Lovey-dovey dies quickly!”

“Oh, that stink of love…”

The envious singles exclaimed, before they went back to having fun.

The goofy Kang Jian and Chi Yuanfeng were now singing a hilarious and loud song, lifting everyone’s moods. Sheng Yize suddenly leaned toward An Xiaxia and whispered in her ear, “Xiaxia, what do you want to listen to?”

An Xiaxia blinked. “Can I order whatever I want?” Muahahaha! Having an idol as a boyfriend was great!

Before Sheng Yize could answer, Dearie Sheng said loudly, “Sing ‘Ugly Fellow’!”

“Dearie Sheng!” An Xiaxia glared at him, but the kid raised his chin and began to hum the song himself. “Ugly fellow ow ow ow~ Please don’t turn on the light~ Oh oh oh~”

“You’re just a kid, you shouldn’t be listening to that! It’s not appropriate!”

“Tch, I’m not a kid. Kindergarten babies are kids! I’m a big boy now!”

The two dummies then began to bicker. Sheng Yize sighed in resignation and gave Dearie Sheng a look when An Xiaxia wasn’t looking.

The meaning behind it was self-explanatory. “Bully my little girlfriend again and your little buttocks are going to get kicked!”

Dearie Sheng had idolized Sheng Yize since he was little. Anything Sheng Yize said was the ultimate truth and he was also intimidated by his big brother. That look hushed him up right away.

Sob … Brother liked Ugly Xiaxia now, and not him!

Su Xiaomo fell silent again after exchanging a few pleasantries with An Xiaxia.

She sat in the furthest corner and looked at the gentle teenager, mild as an angel, a short distance away.

The colorful lights shone down on He Jiayu’s smooth profile. She couldn’t tell anyone about this emotion that she was hiding inside.

However… That one person she liked had told her that she was just a friend to him.

At the thought of his words from the other night, Su Xiaomo found it hard to breathe. She excused herself from the room to get some air outside.

She went to the bathroom to wash her face when she heard the sound of a dispute in the corridor outside.

“Little sister, don’t go away. Look at your dress, it’s meant for men’s eyes. Tsk, tsk, such pretty legs…” Someone was talking in a bawdy tone, obviously molesting a girl.

She was going to stay out of it when she recognized that girl’s voice.

“Let go of me… You dickhead!” Crisp and melodious — it was Mu Li!

She rushed out without drying her hands.

Mu Li wore the uniform of a waitress at the pub. She had apparently been stopped by a drunk customer on her way to the bathroom.

She struggled violently, but the drunk man was so strong and had his hands all over her. His groping hands were on her thigh now!

“F**k you! You scumbag!” Su Xiaomo roared and gave the man a flying kick.

The man cried out in pain and fell to a heap outside the men’s bathroom. Just then, a tall teenager with short brown hair walked out. He had that wild and unruly air about him and Mu Li shrank back behind Su Xiaomo as soon as she spotted him.

Su Xiaomo failed to detect her unnatural reaction. She bellowed, “Qi Yanxi, kick his ass!”

Qi Yanxi frowned, took in the situation, and figured out what was going on right away. He then kicked the man right in his groin!