Chapter 339: His Girl Has Shown Up (6)

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A hush fell over the room.

Sheng Yize gave no explanation after that and left in a hurry, making An Xiaxia feel rather embarrassed.

She lowered her little head and was disheartened.

Su Xiaomo came to her rescue and consoled her. “Don’t worry. It must be something urgent. Come, we can have fun ourselves!”

She passed An Xiaxia the microphone and gestured at Chi Yuanfeng, asking him to pick a song.

However, An Xiaxia was in no mood for fun now. She smiled bitterly and waved Su Xiaomo off. “You guys go on… I’ll take Dearie back now.”

Su Xiaomo sighed, knowing that she must feel awful right now. “Alright.”

An Xiaxia held Dearie Sheng by his hand and led him out of the karaoke pub.

Dearie Sheng was a very bright child and could tell that An Xiaxia wasn’t quite herself. Hence, he obediently kept his silence and let An Xiaxia take them back home in a taxi.

The car stopped outside the villa estate and the two walked in holding hands. The sky was gloomy. Before long, it began to snow.

The two trudged on. When they almost reached their house, Dearie Sheng ran for the door, jumping up the stairs two steps at a time. He then slipped and almost fell off the stairs.

An Xiaxia was shocked. She caught him in time, but sprained her own ankle!

“Ssss —” She drew in a painful breath. Dearie Sheng was bewildered as well. Blinking, he asked, “Hey, Ugly Xiaxia, are you hurt?”

An Xiaxia shook her head, feeling worn out. She hobbled into the house, then went back to her room, paying no attention to anything else.

She threw herself down on the soft bed, still nagged by that frustrating idea in her head.

Dearie Sheng paced up and down outside her room for quite some time before going in. He then said in a cocky tone, “Hey, is your foot alright? Do I need to call the family doctor? And… are you hungry? We can get some takeout.”

He actually liked An Xiaxia a lot. He called her ugly all the time only because he thought she had stolen his brother.

Moreover, An Xiaxia had sprained her ankle trying to help him… Dearie Sheng felt rather sorry about that.

“Hm… Dearie, could you not talk to me for a while, please? I need some time on my own,” said An Xiaxia in a dejected voice.

Dearie Sheng pursed his lips. “I see… Call me when you’re hungry, then!”


The room was frighteningly quiet after Dearie Sheng left. An Xiaxia sat down by the French window with a pillow in her arms.

Outside, the snow fell softly and the view was bleak.

Her phone rang with its pleasant ringtone and An Xiaxia picked it up in bewilderment. Li Fanxing’s graceful and sweet voice rang out on the other end.

“An Xiaxia, are you in pain yet? Like I said, as soon as Sheng Yize’s childhood sweetheart comes back, you’re nothing to him!”

An Xiaxia gritted her teeth. “What do you mean?”

Could it be… that the girl he had been searching for had shown up?

“Beg me and I might just tell you.” Li Fanxing smiled, her pretty eyes filled with malice.

An Xiaxia knew she was doing it on purpose. She simply hung up and ignored the woman.

She would wait for Sheng Yize and his own explanation.

Obviously, Li Fanxing wouldn’t let it drop just like that. She then sent An Xiaxia a message.

It contained a single photo.

A pretty girl with delicate features in a white sweater was smiling at the camera. Next to her was the tall Sheng Yize.

The two looked so right together.

She had never seen Sheng Yize with such a gentle look on his face before.

Outside, the heavy snow was still falling. With the central heating on, the room was as warm as a spring day.

However, An Xiaxia felt chilled to the bone.

She held the pillow tighter, her bright black eyes filled with sorrow.

His favorite childhood sweetheart was back… What should she do now?