Chapter 34: An Ungrateful Little Woman

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Li Canxing was so anxious that she stamped her foot and scolded Jian Xin’er. “Jian Xin’er, you fool! How many people do you know have the last name Sheng in Yu City?”

Jian Xin’er’s pupils dilated as she said with a blank face, “Sheng… Y– you’re… the eldest son of the Sheng family?”

An Xiaxia’s mouth was opened wide in the shape of an “O”.

The Sheng family… as in that tycoon occasionally mentioned in financial news and that family that was called a business empire?

Li Canxing had to be talking nonsense. It was said that the Sheng family only had one heir in this generation. How could he join showbiz and show up in front of her…?

An Xiaxia looked at him blankly. The boy was over a head taller than her and had a broad figure that gave people a sense of security.

Jian Xin’er looked as if she had been deprived of all intelligence while Sheng Yize spoke in a voice as cold as a devil’s.

“Touch An Xiaxia again and the entire Jian family will be buried with you.” WIth that, he looked around and all the girls stepped back. “A wise man knows his own limitations. She’s not someone you can offend.”

“Yes, of course. We know now,” the girls trembled and replied before running away, shoving one another around as they ran.

Having dealt with those girls, Sheng Yize turned back and asked with a frown, “Hey, are you able to walk?”

An Xiaxia nodded and walked two steps. Everything was fine except for where they had hit her, which was aching.

However, Sheng Yize dragged her back by her collar, and An Xiaxia looked back in confusion. Sheng Yize bent his knees with an expressionless face and he reminded her of a tsundere as he said, “Come up. I’ll carry you.”

An Xiaxia was reluctant at the beginning, but when she saw Jian Xin’er, who had collapsed to the ground, she climbed onto Sheng Yize’s back right away.

As his anti-fan, she didn’t really admire Sheng Yize. However, it was great doing this just to spite Jian Xin’er.

Anyhow, she was no Mother Teresa!

As expected, when Jian Xin’er saw Sheng Yize had condescended to carry An Xiaxia on his back, her tears almost came out.

As Sheng Yize carried her toward the alley exit, he teased An Xiaxia in a low voice, “Oh my, you’re kind of heavy.”

An Xiaxia bristled. “No way! You’re too weak!”

“My fellow classmate An Xiaxia, is that how you treat your savior?” Sheng Yize retorted sharply.

An Xiaxia staggered a little and dared not squabble with him again. Instead, she fumbled around in her backpack and gave Sheng Yize a mask. “Put this on. It won’t look good for you if someone takes a photo of you like this.”

Sheng Yize stopped for a second, then replied indifferently, “I don’t have another hand to put it on.”

“Oh…” An Xiaxia was clever enough to read between the lines and put it on for him.

At an angle she couldn’t see, the corner of Sheng Yize’s mouth curved up in a little smile.

The driver was waiting by the road. Sheng Yize put An Xiaxia in the car and ordered the driver, “Go to the nearest hospital.”

“That won’t be necessary!” An Xiaxia interrupted him. She explained under Sheng Yize’s displeased gaze, “My dad’s a doctor and we have the essential medicines at home. I can just go home and take care of it myself. It’s not that serious…”

“If you’re okay, why did you make me carry you?” Sheng Yize mocked.

“Why, you were the one who asked to carry me voluntarily.”

“Tch, you ungrateful annoying little woman.”

“You’re the one who’s annoying!”

Hearing them squabble, the driver laughed inwardly.

It seemed that the unapproachable and aloof Young Master had finally met someone…

Meanwhile, a cold and enchanting voice sounded in Jian Xin’er’s ears. “Actually, we don’t need to deal with An Xiaxia directly…”