Chapter 340: His Girl Has Shown Up (7)

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The girl had only just shown up and An Xiaxia already felt a sense of crisis she had never experienced before.

Her opponent had remained quiet, but An Xiaxia was already losing the battle.

After some thought, she dialed Sheng Yize’s number.

No one answered.

An Xiaxia held her phone, the smile on her face turning bitter.

She knew perfectly well that the more she cared, the sadder she would be, which was walking right into Li Fanxing’s trap. However, she simply couldn’t control her emotions.

She climbed back into bed and fell into confused sleep, ignoring her wounded ankle.

In her dreams, Sheng Yize smiled coldly at her with his childhood sweetheart on his arm. The scene pained her eyes.

She woke up from a nightmare at one o’clock in the morning. The spot beside her was still empty.

The teenager that held her while she slept was nowhere to be found tonight.

An Xiaxia’s eyes burned.

The Sheng family.

The first person Sheng Yize noticed when he got back home was the girl sitting on the sofa.

She had delicate features and a graceful manner, and she moved with the demeanor of the daughter of an eminent family. However, she also had the liveliness particular to teenage girls.

Sheng Yize clenched his fists.

It had been ten years.

I’ve finally found you.

He had thought An Xiaxia was the one he had been looking for, but new information had come in a while ago.

The one he had been searching for and the childhood sweetheart he owed so much to was the girl in front of him!

Sensing someone had come in, the girl turned around and smiled sweetly at Sheng Yize. Her voice was as clear and melodious as a mountain spring. “Hello, I’m Song Qingchen.”

Sheng Yize pursed his lips and called her name in a low voice. “Songsong…”

The smile on Song Qingchen’s face froze for a split second, but she regained her poise soon enough. She went up to Sheng Yize and held his arm affectionately. “Brother Ah Ze, how have you been all these years?”

Sheng Yize instinctively resisted her touch. He frowned a little and replied, “I’m fine. How about you?”

“I’m well, too. I was very lucky after we were separated. Some nice people saved me, then I was adopted by a couple. They sent me to Country M to study and I only just got back. And I was so fortunate, because not only have I found my real parents, I also found you! I’m thrilled!” She chattered on, but it didn’t feel garrulous.

Sheng Qingyi, who had been standing beside them, then spoke. “Yize, this is Songsong… She’s the younger daughter of the Song family, whom they lost years ago. She was also your neighbor back in Sunset Town…”

His face was all crinkled up with that big smile.

Before, he had objected to Sheng Yize’s attempts to find the girl. To him, women were just alluring things that would distract Sheng Yize from his duty to the family.

However, the Song family was a mogul in the business world, which made the girl Sheng Yize had been searching for a princess overnight. He couldn’t sing enough of the girl’s praises now!

If the two still had a thing for each other, a marriage would be the perfect choice!

“Brother Ah Ze, you said you wanted to marry me once. Does that still count?” Song Qingchen tilted her lovely head and asked in a half-serious tone.

Her heart had skipped a beat the moment her eyes landed on Sheng Yize.

How lucky she was to have met an exceptional and dazzling boy like this.

She wanted him to be hers!

“Songsong, of course Yize will marry you, if that’s what you want!” Sheng Qingyi smiled, ignoring the fact that his son already had a girlfriend. He said without consulting his son, “You two can spend some time warming up to each other now. If marriage sounds rushed, we can always start off with an engagement!”