Chapter 342: His Girl Has Shown Up (9)

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Maybe he had brought in the cold air from outside, which disturbed An Xiaxia. Her long lashes quivered and she rubbed her eyes. When she saw that Sheng Yize had come back, she was dazed.

“Xiaxia…” He called her name quietly, gentler than ever. “Why were you crying?”

His mild tone made her feel like the most treasured thing in the world.

However, the moment An Xiaxia realized that he might have used the same gentle voice on another girl, she felt a twinge in her chest.

The long night of waiting, the pain in her ankle… Everything turned into grievances at that moment.

She tugged at his clothes and asked in a dejected voice, “Your childhood sweetheart has come back, hasn’t she?”

Sheng Yize frowned. How did An Xiaxia know that?

However, he wasn’t going to keep it from her. He explained, “Yes… She almost lost her life once, trying to save me. She was adopted after that and studied abroad. She only found her real parents recently. I feel very lucky to have been able to find her.”

An Xiaxia listened attentively. So, the girl had saved his life once…


“In that case, you have to thank her,” mumbled An Xiaxia with mixed feelings.

On one hand, reason was telling her that Sheng Yize owed the girl and it was only right that he make it up to her. On the other hand, emotionally, she couldn’t stand that Sheng Yize was being nice to another girl!

All human beings were selfish and she was no exception.

“Do I hear jealousy in that bitter tone of yours?” Sheng Yize chuckled. “There’s no need for that. Xiaxia, you’re the only one I care for; all I have for her are gratitude and appreciation, nothing more.”

The snowy winter night seemed to warm up at those words.

An Xiaxia snuggled closer to him and snorted, then jumped on top of him and announced in an authoritative tone, “You’re mine and no one is taking you away from me!”

Sheng Yize’s dark pupils looked like bottomless pools and he asked in a suggestive voice, “So, are we doing something naughty now?”

“…” An Xiaxia blushed, but didn’t call him a scoundrel like she tended to. Instead, she held his face and gave him a few kisses on the mouth.

“What are you doing?” Sheng Yize burst into laughter.

“Staking my claim!” An Xiaxia replied, her eyes bright.

The big hands on her waist clutched her a little tighter as Sheng Yize smiled. “No problem. Take your time…”

The naive An Xiaxia actually went on kissing him and had little idea that she had successfully turned the scheming guy on.

After much “claim-staking,” An Xiaxia fell into his arms, exhausted. “I’m done… It’s so tiring…”

Sheng Yize smiled, turned over, and was back on top of her.

“You’re tired? How about I take over from here?” His smile reminded her of a cunning fox.

An Xiaxia: … Wait, what?!

Her bunny pajamas was pulled down her shoulders, revealing her fair and smooth skin, which was still covered in the love bites from the other day in various shades of pink. Sheng Yize’s pupils seemed to turn darker as he lay a kiss on her delicate collarbone.

An Xiaxia suddenly cried out in pain. “Hurts! It hurts!”

Sheng Yize went on with what he was doing. “Stop pretending. It won’t work on me.”

“It’s not that! My ankle! I sprained my ankle trying to catch that lousy Dearie Sheng…” An Xiaxia frowned. She had forgotten about it when she had been bothered by the idea of Sheng Yize and his childhood sweetheart. Once that was cleared up, she began to feel the excruciating pain in her ankle.

Sheng Yize switched on the lamp and looked down at her feet.

One of her ankles had swollen up like a steamed bun.