Chapter 343: His Girl Has Shown Up (10)

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He frowned, got out of bed to find the medkit, then carefully put the medicine on for An Xiaxia.

The pain brought tears to An Xiaxia’s eyes. Sheng Yize said grumpily, “How could you not do anything for a wound as bad as this! You little fool!”

“I didn’t think much of it then…” An Xiaxia mumbled. Sheng Yize glared at her and told her off. However, the movements of his hands were gentler now, for fear of hurting her.

After he was done, day was breaking. An Xiaxia then caught up on some sleep in Sheng Yize’s arms, until the noise outside woke her up.

She sat up to find Sheng Yize long gone. Hobbling downstairs, Dearie Sheng ran up to her right away, looking very concerned. “Morning… Xiaxia, how’s your ankle?”

An Xiaxia found it a little funny. So, the lousy kid wasn’t hopeless. He had stopped calling her Ugly Xiaxia after she saved him.

“I’m alright… Hey, Dearie, what’s with all the noise outside?”

Dearie Sheng explained, acting like a grown-up, “A new neighbor moved in and called brother out. I was told that… it’s a pretty big sister from brother’s childhood days! The two of them seem quite close…”

The smile vanished from An Xiaxia’s face. Childhood friend… and quite close… It couldn’t be anyone else but his old sweetheart.

“Xiaxia.” Someone called her name at the door. She turned toward the voice and saw a man and a woman standing on the threshold.

The man was Sheng Yize in his white shirt and black sweater. Beside him, the girl wore a white one-piece with a black coat.

They looked equally remarkable and handsome — almost like a couple in matching clothes.

Song Qingchen smiled gracefully at her. “Hello, I’m Song Qingchen. I’m Brother Ah Ze’s new neighbor. You’re Xiaxia, I presume? You look so lovely.”

An Xiaxia smiled. “Hello.”

His childhood sweetheart was a beauty…

And she had great manners, too… She was perfect…

Although, what was that “Brother Ah Ze” all about? The 90s had just called and wanted their name back!

Song Qingchen was apparently the type to make friends instantly. She went up to An Xiaxia and held her by her arm as she smiled at her. “Xiaxia, I just got back and I hardly know anyone. Would you be my good friend?”

An Xiaxia frowned. Maybe it was just in her head, but she found Song Qingchen’s familiarity suspicious.

“Heh…” She only smiled and said nothing in reply.

Song Qingchen blinked, led her to the side, and talked affectionately with her while Sheng Yize went to tutor Dearie Sheng in his homework.

The moment Sheng Yize left the room, An Xiaxia felt Song Qingchen’s demeanor change.

She was still smiling, but the look she gave An Xiaxia was filled with hostility.

“Xiaxia, what would you do if someone took what was yours?” Song Qingchen’s smile was very attractive.

An Xiaxia knew where she was going with this. She pursed her lips and replied, “I’d feel lucky to have it, but if fate wants to take it away, so be it.”

“Heh…” Song Qingchen’s chuckle sounded ironic. “But I’m not like that. If someone takes what’s mine, I’ll make sure I get it back!”

An Xiaxia stood ramrod straight. “But he’s my boyfriend.”

Song Qingchen smiled confidently. “An Xiaxia, how long have you known him? Six months? Do you know how far back we go? Twelve years! He promised me he’d marry me! You have no idea what we went through together. Do you think your six months can beat our twelve years?”